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Official Language
In Israel the official languages are Hebrew and Arabic. The national language of Jews is modern Hebrew, but since only 60 % of the Jewish population was born in Israel, this language is not the mother tongue of nearly half of the population.
Other Languages Spoken
Jews speak other languages like English, French, Russian, or Yiddish. English is considered as the main foreign language in Israel (main language for international communication), followed by French. Russian is the third important foreign language of the country. Finally, Yiddish is spoken by around 500,000 speakers. Moreover, a large number of other languages are spoken by the Jews originally from Latin America or Central Europe: Spanish, Rumanian, Hungarian, German, Polish, Persian, Amharic and Tigrinya
Business Language
Getting Some Knowledge
A little Hebrew vocabulary : Travelnet
Free Translation Tools
Hebrew French dictionary : Translation
list of hebrew dictionaries : Translation of Hebrew into several languages
Lexilogos : Arabic-English-Arabic Dictionary

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Quality of Communications
Thanks to a highly efficient communications infrastructure, international calls are very easy to make. The hotel rooms have telephones for local and international calls, which can be used with credit cards. You can find public card phones everywhere. Cards are sold in kiosks It is also easy to rent a mobile phone. Mobile phones are very popular and are reasonably priced. You can rent them at the Ben Gurion International Airport or contact the reception of your hotel.
Telephone Codes
To Make a Call From Israel, Dial 00
To Make a Call to in Israel, Dial +972
Number of Digits of National Telephone Numbers
0 + city code + 7 other digits
Mobile Telephone Standards
National Mobile Phone Operators
Pelephone (050), Cellcom (052), Orange (054), Mirs (057).

Availability of Internet

Internet Suffix
National Internet Access Providers
Netvision, Bezeqint, Internet Gold Lines, Hot.
Access in Public Places
Cyber cafes are present throughout the country.
Access in Hotels
Internet access is available in most of the hotels.

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