Dining in Israel

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Traditional restaurants
Cuisine of the Mediterranean basin. Many vegetarian dishes offered as well.
  •  Fast food
Hamburgers, pizza, etc.
  • Foreign cuisine restaurants
Local diners or large restaurants of Chinese, Japanese, Italian , American cuisine, etc.
  • Kosher restaurants
Dishes prepared according to the Jewish tradition.
Rules For Eating Out
Lunch is generally served between 11:00 hours and 14:00 hours and dinner from 17:00 hours to 22:00 hours. This varies from one establishment to another, but it is generally customary to pay the bill directly at the cashier (fast-food), after the meals for the others. It is customary to leave a tip. The service is not included in the rate.

Price Indications

Economy Meal 15 - 50 ILS
Medium Price Meal 70 - 100 ILS
Good Quality Meal 120 - 250 ILS
Food Specialties
Israeli cuisine is very similar to the Middle East cuisine; it is also partly inspired by the Central European cuisine. The dishes are generally quite spicy.
Baba ghannoui eggplant caviar: eggplant puree in lime juice. Generally served in a plate or in a Ravier spread with small chopped onion and finely cut parsley as starter with pita bread.
Taratour: sesame sauce. Taratour is generally served with baked fish, vegetables pan fried vegetables. It is essential in preparation of chickpeas purée (hummus) or eggplant (baba ghannoui).
Other typical dishes are: Thina (sesame purée), Falafel (fried chickpea balls), Shewarma (meat of turkey, calf or mutton in a pita).
The beverages widely consumed in Israel are cola, beer, fruit juices and wine.
Dietary Restrictions
Pork is prohibited and the food should be kosher.

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