Travel Security in Israel

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Health Precautions

Obligatory Vaccination and Other Recommendations
No requirement regarding vaccination for international travel. DT, Polio, Hepatitis A and B are advisable presently. Protect the passenger against diarrhoea. Visitors are strongly advised to carry their general medicines. Water should be boiled, filtered or consumed in encapsulated bottles. Avoid walking barefoot on sand or wet/muddy ground. Be careful of insect bites during rural stays : mosquito nets, mosquito repellants are advisable.
For Further Information
Israel Travel guide
WHO Recommendations

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Safety Conditions

Violent thefts are rare and the streets are safe. Theft of documents, money or personal effects rarely happens.
Terrorist Risk
The security situation of the country remains tense and unpredictable especially in the North and in the regions of the West Bank and the Gaza strip. The regions close to the Lebanese border are to be avoided. Suicide attacks take place every three or four months, particularly in crowded places like markets, cafés and night clubs. Tensions are also higher at the time of political events, during which violence can take place.
Risk of Natural Disaster
Very rare
Traveling Women Conditions
The conditions for visiting the country are the same for women as for men.
For Further Information
Warnings given by the American State Department
Advice of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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