Sightseeing in Israel

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Tourism and Culture

Different Forms of Tourism

Numerous historical sites: archeological, cultural heritage sites, etc.
List of monuments referenced as world cultural heritage sites of UNESCO.
Various museums : to see the list of museums in Israel, click here.
You can go trekking into the wild: in the green hills and streams in the North, on the Mediterranean coast in the West, around the Dead sea (the lowest point of the planet), in the deserts, barren mountains and old volcanic craters in the South. The Israeli Company for protection of nature manages a number of natural reserves. For further information, visit their website.
3 main religions are widely represented by sites mainly in Jerusalem and around the Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias). At Nazareth there are a number of religous monuments (Church of Nazareans)
There are a number of spas in Israel. The main spas are located at the the Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias) and near the Dead Sea.
Several magnificient beaches all along the Mediterranean coast, Red Sea and the Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias). Activities like swimming, surfing, sailing, windsurfing and waterskiing are possible.
Winter Sports
It is possible to ski on the Mount Hermon.
Outdoor Activities
Trekking, Diving, Cycle Trekking, Golf, Waterskiing, Fishing, Mountain climbing.
There are several commercial centers where you can do your shopping, like the Malha commercial center of Jerusalem. Picturesque markets, annual trade shows, street stalls or boutiques in the large cities shall allow you to bring back souvenirs For further information, visit the Tourism Office site.

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Individual and Civic Freedoms

Political Freedom
Civil Liberty
Freedom of the Press
Press is private and independent.
World Ranking of Freedom of the Press According to "Reporters sans Frontières", 2009 report : 93/175
Evolution: 47 places down compared to 2008
For Further Information, Consult Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2009, Reporters Without Borders
Free Access to the Internet
Freedom of Assembly
Rule of Law
Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights
Women's Condition
Israeli women have judicial equality but discrimination in employment is widespread.
For Further Information
Country Report published by Freedom House
The 2006 World ranking for Freedom of the Press by Reporters Without Borders

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Degree of Freedom
Freedom for worship and free access to holy places is guaranteed to all Jews, Christians and Muslims. Every religion is independent concerning its holy places and places of worship, and decides the schedules and rules for visit. Visitors are requested to respect the religous sites and be dressed correctly.
75.6% Jews and 24.4% non Jews (mostly Muslims 20%, Christians 4.4%).
Role of Religion in Society
Today, the Jewish Society of Israel is composed of practicing and non-practicing Jews, with all differences, from ultra-orthodox to those who are considered as non-religous.

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