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Legal Forms of Companies

Types of Companies and Capital (Max/Min) Number of Partners/Shareholders and Liability Registration Fees
La Societa a responsabilita limitata (SRL) is a limited liability company.
EUR 10,000 minimum, 3/10 fully subscribed and paid up at the creation of the company.
no minimum
number : 1 partner for an SRL of one person.
Liability is limited to the amount of capital contributed.
EUR 168 (registration tax) + EUR 155 (registration at the Chamber of Commerce) + EUR 200 (fees).
La Societa per azioni (SpA) is a public limited company
EUR 120,000 minimum, 3/10 fully subscribed and paid up at the creation of the company.
minimum 2 shareholders.
Their liability is limited to the amount of capital contributed.
EUR 3,000
La Societa in nome Collettivo (SNC) is a general partnership
no minimum capital.
minimum 2 partners
Their liability is joint and indefinite.
Fees less than those of an SRL
La Societa in Accomandita Semplice (SAS) is a limited joint-stock partnership .
no minimum capital.
There are two types of partners, the active partners and the silent partners.
The liability of the active partners is unlimited.
Fees less than those of an SRL
La Societa Cooperativa (SC) is a cooperative society.
no minimum capital.
minimum 9 partners
Their liability is limited or unlimited according to the Articles of Association.
Fees less than those of an SRL
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Union of SMEs
Italian confederation of SMEs (CONFAPI)
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Business Setup Procedures

Administrative Formalities
The Articles of Association must be drawn up in a deed authenticated by a lawyer.They must be filed within 30 days of being drawn up with the Company Register, then with the local Tribunal of the province where the company has been formed. Registration with the local Chamber of Commerce is also required, as well as placing an advertisement in a journal of legal notices.
The Competent Organization
The administrative procedures must be analysed by a legal affairs office of the Ministry of Justice.


The activity of the company is subject to abilitazioni (certificate of professional aptitude), to autorizzazioni o licenze (licenses) and to the denuncia di inizio attività (declaration of beginning of activity).

Chambers of Commerce provide companies with support services in training and internationalization and gather necessary economic information concerning aspects of entrepreneurial activity.

Time Necessary for Registration
About one month.

Recovery Procedures

It depends on the type of company.
The Tribunal appoints a single judge for the bankrupt company, whereas more may be appointed for the creditors. The assets of the bankrupt company must be distinct according to the share of each of the members. After five years, the bankrupt company may be re-formed.
For further information, visit the Fis website.

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