Reaching the Consumer in Italy

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Textiles, shoemaking industry, transport, foodstuffs, services.
Consumer Behavior
Quality and after sales service are very important factors when Italians make a purchasing decision. Consumers also like information on the product to be clear. If they can choose, they tend to prefer products "made in Italy"; they are less bothered to know if the material meets environmental criteria. Novelty is welcomed especially in the fashion sector.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
The index of household confidence is deteriorating. The Italians prefer consumption to saving, but high inflation has had a negative influence on their purchasing power.
Italian consumers are very demanding in terms of quality but less so regarding the frequency of special offers, loyalty programs, credit possibilities and days and times of opening.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
The Italian consumer has widespread recourse to consumer credit, with a growth of +14.2% (96.6 billion euros) up to June 2007.
Consumers Associations
ACU , The Italian Association for the consumer and users
ADOC , The Italian Association for the defense and orientation of the consumer

Media in Which to Advertise

Advertising on television is expensive but effective.

Main Televisions
La Sette
Advertising in newspapers or magazines is also a substantial but effective investment.
In Transportation Venues
In large cities on public transport, trucks, posters, flyers and videos.
Radio advertising is very effective but limited to housewives, workers who use the car as transport, and young people especially in the morning or the evening.

Main Radios
All public radio stations
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
An effective sector in full expansion.
Main Advertising Agencies
Saatchi Advertising Agency

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Advertising alcohol is allowed but not during time slots meant for children.
Advertising tobacco is prohibited.
Advertising medecines is allowed but under the control of the Ministry of Health.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
The use of foreign languages is allowed.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
The Italian Government
The European Parliament

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