Distribution Networks in Italy

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Types of Outlet

Department Stores
Clothes, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Foodstuffs
La Rinascente, Coin in Rome, Milan, Naples
Supermarkets and hypermarkets
Supermarket and hypermarket
Pam, Conad, Panorama, Auchan in Rome, Milan, Turin
Foodstuffs and beverages
Dico, Lidl in Rome, Milan
Home centers
Furnishings and decoration
Ikea, Ovvio in Rome, Milan
80% foodstuffs and 20% everyday products and clothes
Coop all over Italy

Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
For a long time, Italian industries were not competitive enough, and this led the Italian government to set up import barriers. The Italian population is traditionally attached to local shops. Modern distribution made its appearance a few years ago with the rise of large international groups such as Auchan/Rinascente or Carrefour who took advantage of a relaxing of legislation concerning setting up business, made necessary by European harmonization.
In 2004, Italian retail trade represented 328.5 billion euros, a growth of 1.2% compared with 2003.
Market Shares
The leading distributor in Italy is the Coop Italia group which is based on a network of more than 1 000 outlets in Italy and which had 17.7% of market share in 2004. Carrefour Italia had 10% and Auchan/Rinascente 9.5%.
Generally speaking, foreign names represent 47% of hypermarkets. In 2004, there were 469 hypermarkets, 990 supermarkets, and 6 627 small supermarkets. The foodstuff distribution market is very concentrated as the leading 10 groups have 77% of market share.
However, there is an imbalance between the north and the south of the country, however: more than 50% of supermarkets and 65% of hypermarkets are concentrated in the north. As a result, the large groups will have to concentrate their efforts on the southern part of the country.
Organizations in the Retail Sector
Lega Coop

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