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Commercial Intermediaries

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  • Type of Organization
It is possible to work directly with a purchasing group, even if you are a foreigner.
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Made in Blu Trading - Compagnia Italiana della frutta S.p.A.

Using a Commercial Agent

The Advantages
There are two different types of commercial agent in Italy: either they are sole agents, and in this case they represent a single company; or they act for several companies, and are more independent. The commercial agent is used a lot because he represents limited administration costs and because he carries out direct, selective marketing operations.
Where to Be Vigilant
Never choose a commercial agent without knowing him.
Elements of Motivation
Exclusivity, low prices and frequent communication.
The Average Amount of Commission
Commission depends on the sector.
For further information, consult the Federagenti website.
Breach of Contract
For further information, consult the Federagenti website.
Finding a Commercial Agent
USARCI, National Federation of Commercial Agents
Federazione Nazionale Associazioni Agenti e Rappresentanti di Commercio (FNAARC), Corso Venezia 51, 20121 MILANO
Tel. : 00390 27750277
Fax : 00390 276008493
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Setting Up a Commercial Unit

The Advantages
It can be worthwhile in the context of sales development.
Different Possible Forms of Settlement
  • A Representative Office
It can obtain market research and other information, develop promotional tools and take charge of the services linked to the product. A representative office is not subject to Italian taxes and opening an office does not require any special approval. However, it cannot be involved in commercial transactions or generate income, so consequently, it cannot deal directly with commercial orders.
  • A Branch Office
A branch office can take and fill orders, implement a complete marketing program, including advertising, recruit a sales force and carry out promotional activities. A branch office is liable for Italian tax. In addition, setting up a branch office is considered to be a direct investment and requires a declation to the Ministry of Finance.
  • A Company
Setting up a wholly owned subsidiary implies more time and expense, but it can provide an effective means of guaranteeing better protection of intellectual property rights, obtaining credit more easily, and penetrating the market better, avoiding the subtle but substantial import barriers.


Evolution of the Sector
In Italy, there are 46 337 outlets; they represent 20 082 million euros on the national market. Until 2005, franchise opening increased by about 5% per year. Today, this growth has slowed down, 1.6% in 2005. The franchise sector is going through a mature phase on the Italian market. However, franchising is still an effective way to develop and increase your competitiveness.
Some Big Franchises
Gruppo Buffetti Spa , products for companies
Pasta Rito , restaurant
Prémaman , children's clothes
Remax Italia Agenzia Immobiliare , real estate
Gruppo Toscano Agenzia Immobiliare , real estate
La Città del Sole , decoration, nature, well-being
Key 21 , Multiutility Network
Italia Franchising , franchise portal
For Further Information
Italian franchise association
Italian franchise federation
Franchising & Trade show
Expofranchising trade show

Finding Assistance

Export Trading Companies
Italian Trading Company
Studio Effe
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