Domestic Transportation in Italy

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Means of Transport Recommended in Town

The metro is not extensive, even in large cities. Taxis are expensive but there are a lot of them on the streets. If the light is green, they are free; if it is red, they are taken. Not all drivers speak English; have the address you are going to written down in Italian on a piece of paper.
Maps of Urban Networks
Rome metro map
Bus and metro lines in Rome
Urban Transport Agencies
Transport Agency in Rome
Transport Agency in Milan
Find an Itinerary
Calculate your journey
Find an itinerary in Milan
Find an itinerary in Palermo
Taxi Companies
Italian taxi association

Transportation From Airport to City Centre:






Car Rental
Roma - Ciampino (CIA) 15 km / 10 miles EUR 40 / 25-40 min EUR 8 / 40 min EUR 1 Available
Roma - Urbe (LIRU) 6 km / 4 miles Available - EUR 4.65, EUR 8.8 + RER ticket / 40 min -
Milano - Malpensa (MXP) 43 km / 27 miles EUR 70-90 / 45-60 min EUR 5 / 50 min EUR 11 / 30-40 min. Available
Napoli - Capodichino (NAP) 6 km / 4 miles EUR 20 / 20-35 min EUR 18 / 20-25 min - Available

Means of Transport Recommended in the Rest of the Country

The train remains the easiest means of transport for travelling around the country. The tariffs per kilometer are more reasonably priced than in most European countries. The large cities are linked with each other: Turin-Milan-Venice, Milan-Bologna-Bari, Rome-Genoa-Turin, and Rome-Naples-Palermo. Apart from the "Pendolini' and "Eurostar", trains do not always keep to the timetable.
Rail Companies
Italian railway company


Name Type Domestic Flights International Flights
Alitalia(AZ) Major Yes Yes
Air One Low Cost Yes Yes
Alpi Eagles Low Cost Yes Yes
Blu-express Low Cost Yes Yes
Meridiana Low Cost Yes Yes
eVOLAvia Low Cost Yes No

You Can Consult the List of Airlines Banned Within the EU. Look Also at the rating of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Traveling By Yourself

Most of the road network is good. However, the lanes are very narrow and the curves very sharp on some motorways (Salerno-Reggio di Calabria for example) and this can make them dangerous when driving at excessive speed.
Driver's License
Tourists who have a driver's license from a European Union State can drive in Italy. People who have a license from outside the EU must have with their license an authorization issued by their country of origin translated into Italian. For further information, consult the Italian Ministry of Transport website.
Conditions For Renting a Vehicle
The minimum age is 18. Renting a car is not very expensive.
Rental Agencies
To rent a car in Italy
Tolls or Taxes
You can find motorway tariffs by clicking here.
Road Maps
Maps of Italian motorways
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Traffic Conditions Online
Traffic conditions in Italy (in English)

Rules of the Road

Minimum Driving Age
Side of the Road For Driving
Speed Limits
130 km/h on motorways ; 110 km/h on roads outside towns ; 50 km/h in town.
Safety Belts
Permitted Amount of Alcohol in the Blood
0,5 grammes per liter of blood
National Roads Organizations
Società autostrade per l'Italia (Italian motorway company)
Automobile Club of Italy

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