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Legal Forms of Companies

Types of Companies and Capital (Max/Min) Number of Partners/Shareholders and Liability Registration Fees
Kabushiki Kaisha (KK), Public limited company.
Minimum 10 million Yen
No minimum since the reform of the Commercial Code .
Limited to the amount of capital contributed
0,7% of the capital with a minimum of YEN 150,000.
Yugen Kaisha , Limited liability company
Minimum 3 Million Yen
50 shareholders maximum
Limited to the amount of capital contributed
YEN 60,000
Goshi Kaisha, Limited partnership
No minimum capital
No minimum
2 types of partners: active partners and sleeping partners.
Unlimited for the active partners
Limited to the amount of capital contributed for the sleeping partners .
YEN 60,000
Gomei Kaisha, General partnership.
No minimum capital .
2 partners minimum
YEN 60,000

Business Setup Procedures

Administrative Formalities
The administrative formalities depend on the structure created (branch office, subsidiary company or limited liability partnership). Click here to find the appropriate procedures to follow.
The Competent Organization
The administrative formalities must be carried out at the bureau of legal affairs of the Ministry of Justice.
Time Necessary for Registration
About 1 month for the opening of a branch office and 2 months for the creation of a company.

Recovery Procedures

The insolvency of a company does not lead immediately to bankruptcy or liquidation. Recovery procedures are different according to the type of company.
For further information, click here.
Minimum Debt-to-Capital Ratio Triggering Liquidation
Bankruptcy Laws
The law on bankruptcy (Hasan Ho)
The law on special liquidation (Tokubetsu Seisan) which depend on the Commercial Code.
Reorganization and Rehabilitation Laws
Compulsory composition (Kyosei Wagi) under Bancruptcy law. It makes it possible to have recourse to an agreement between creditors.
Civil rehabilitation (Minji Saisei) under Civil Rehabilitation law
Company Rehabilitation (Kaisha Seiri) under Commercial Code
Corporate Reorganization law (Kaisha Kosei Ho), law n°172 of 1952

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