Supply Chain in Japan

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Customs Procedures

Exports from Japan are not subject to any restrictions.
« Export permission » and « Export approval » are necessary but they only concern goods internationally recognized as being subject to such restrictions (weapons, nuclear energy, missiles, etc.).
Restrictions on rice have been lifted.
Export Taxes
No tax is levied on exports.
Exports are also exempt from consumption tax.
Export Clearance
Before the export declaration, in principle, goods to be exported must be brought into the hozei area. The hozei area is the place designated by the Ministry of Finance and approved by the Director-General of the Customs as an area to place cargoes arriving from overseas.
The exporter of goods or the customhouse broker delegated by the exporter declares the export to the Customs having jurisdiction over the hozei area where the goods to be exported are brought into.
This declaration is accompanied by supporting documents such as invoices and, if required, by other documents, i.e. permits, approvals or licenses.
The Japanese Customs website explains how to fill in the export declaration form.
When an exporter exports the same type of goods on a regular basis, export procedures can be expedited by using the Comprehensive Prior Examination System, in advance. The Japanese Customs website explains the conditions in which it can apply.
Necessary Declaration
1. Code, number, name, quantity and price of goods;
2. Destination of cargo and name or appellation and address or place of residence of consignor;
3. Name and registration number of the carrier (vessel or aircraft) of the cargo;
4. Location of the storage of goods
5. Other items as a reference

Controlling the Quality of the Products

Quality Control Organizations
Japanese Society for Quality Control JSQC
BureauVeritas Japan
SPS Japan

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