Reaching the Consumer in Lebanon

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Marketing Opportunities

Consumer Behavior
In Lebanon, the existence of a good quality after sales service is a determining factor when people decide to buy. In 2005, the government implemented a new law which obliges companies set up in Lebanon to have certain mechanisms for consumer protection. In addition, the Lebanese are more attracted to products with high levels of innovation, especially in the field of new information technologies. Furthermore, price is a determining factor when people decide to buy.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
66.8% of Lebanese population is in the range of 15 to 64 years, with an average age of 28.8 years. Open-minded and attracted by foreign products, especially from Europe and America, Lebanese have acquired a sophisticated taste. This can be seen by the many global brands present in the country.
Over the last few years, many Asian products are highly prized by people of medium and lower income and have invaded the market.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
Loans are common and accessible. Due to this many Lebanese are running debts.
Consumers Associations
Association for the protection of Lebanese consumers , no website but it supported by the Lebanese Chambre of Commerce

Media in Which to Advertise

Television is a very important for adverts. Lebanese watch a lot of television.

Main Televisions
Future Television
Tele Liban 1,2 and 3
Manar TV (Hezbollah television)
National Broadcasting Network
Press is read a lot in Lebanon. The country is a forerunner in the development of free and modern press in the arab world. Papers are a very good advertising medium.

Main Newspapers
Journal Addiar
L'Orient Le Jour
Al Liwaa
La Revue du Liban
This advertisement mean is common but not very efficient
In Transportation Venues
Buses and trains generaly have advertising posts.

Market Leaders:
Association of Lebanese Advertising Companies
People listen a lot of radio, thus a great way to diffuse advertising.

Main Radios
Association of Lebanese Advertising Companies
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Internet has developped lot in the past few years. Advertising on the internet has developped at the same time and reaches a lot of consumers.

Market Leaders:
Association of Lebanese Advertising Companies
Main Advertising Agencies
Directory of advertising agencies in Lebanon.
Advertising agency on Internet.

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Advertising alcohol is legal.
Advertising cigarettes is legal.
Advertising medecine is legal.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
Arab, French and English.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Ministry of telecommunication

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