Industrial Standards in Malaysia

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National Standards Organizations
Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM)
Integration in the International Standards Network
Malaysia is a member of the International  Organization for Standardization, the International Electrotechnical Commission, the International Telecommunication Union and the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Considerable progress has been made in harmonizing Malaysian standards with international standards, in accordance with Malaysia's obligations which ensue from the OTC agreement with the WTO. Malaysia is also working on negotiating mutual recognition agreements with several APEC economies, basing itself on guidelines established by the international organizations.
Obligation to Use Standards
All standards are optional unless they are mentioned in technical regulations (transport equipment, electrical products and accessory elements, products ensuring consumer safety, and telecommunications equipment).
Classification of Standards
The Malaysian standard is the NM.
Assessment of the System of Standardization
Malaysia has a general framework of standardization and compliance. The Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM), which is part of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, is the national organization for standardization and accreditation, set up in accordance with the 1996 Law on standards in Malaysia (Law n°49). The Department's main function is to promote standards, standardization and accreditation as means to advance the national economy. The DSM has designated the SIRIM company, of which the State is the sole shareholder, as the only national standardization organization according to the provisions of the Law on standards in Malaysia.
Online Consultation of Standards
Standards can be consulted on the website Malaysia Standards Online Store (registration required).
Certification Organizations
Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM)
Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia
Associations of Standards Users
Malaysian Association of Standards Users

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