Dining in Malaysia

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Markets (hawkers and foodstalls)
Markets, often at night, where different stalls prepare food in front of the customers, (very) cheap and open almost 24/24.
  • Restaurants
There are different categories, offering varied dishes
Rules For Eating Out
You usually pay at the end of the meal, and the price includes service and taxes. It is not usual to leave a tip.

Price Indications

Economy Meal Under 10 RM
Medium Price Meal From 10 to 25 RM
Good Quality Meal Over 25 RM
Food Specialties
Among Malay specialties, satay (barbecued meat which has been marinaded in a hot spicy sauce), nasi goreng, ayam goreng, rendang, nasi lemak, Chinese soups: noodle soups with meat, wan tan mee, kway teow, popiah; and Indian dishes: murtabak, roti canai, tandoori.... For further details, see the Rough guide.
Fruit juice, tea (usually sweetened with condensed milk), coffee, bali water (a sweet drink made from barley), sodas.
Dietary Restrictions
Culinary restrictions depend on religions.
Table Manners
The Chinese eat with chopsticks, the Malays and Indians eat with their right hand.

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