Reaching the Consumer in Mexico

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Automobile, education and training, electronics, energy, environmental protection equipment, construction, security/safety, telecommunications, tourism.
Consumer Behavior
The buying decision is strongly influenced by family and friends, but the most of the time, the buyer is the housewife. Mexicans frequently use customer service.  Promotional prices are very much appreciated.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
It is difficult to influence a Mexican consumer, he is aware of brand names, he is well informed and demanding on the cost-benefit ratio. Mexicans expect to be treated individually and prefer the places where there is personalized service.  In general, Mexicans are very loyal to their preferred brands.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
Mexicans are going through an euphoric shopping period, and therefore they are requesting bank credits.  The financial services proposed by large stores are a way to attract a huge clientele.


Consumers Associations
PROFECO , Federal Commission for Consumer Protection
Alconsumidor , Civil Association for Consumer Assistance
COFETEL , Telecommunications Federal Commission

Media in Which to Advertise

Television advertisement has a strong influence, mostly on children and housewives.  However, the production cost is very high.  The enterprises that benefit the most from this form of publicity are the supermarkets.

Main Televisions
Grupo Televisa SA De CV-Channels 2,5,9
TV Metropolitana- Channel 22
TV Azteca- Channel 7 & Channel 13
XEIPN TV Channel 11
The press is the communication media that gives the most prestige to a publicity campaign because it reaches a great number of people.  It is considered a credible, serious media.  In Mexico, more than 100 different newspapers circulate.

Main Newspapers
El Universal
La Jornada
Direct mail advertising is generally used only by bank and insurance institutions because of the deficiency in the postal service.   A huge amount of fliers and advertising material is distributed daily on the main avenues and shopping places to promote the sales of products and services.
In Mexico, radio is a potent and efficient communication tool because it is listened to: in public transportation, restaurants, homes and even in some offices.  It is a very effective advertising method that guarantees a good position.

Main Radios
JWT Mexico
Radio Broadcasting Association of Valle de Mexico
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Online campaigns have strengthened the public perception to favor brands that appear online as opposed to those that do not advertise online, thanks to the banner ads that flash on the computer screens.
Publicity by e-mail is, in general, deleted and rejected immediately.
There is no market by SMS in Mexico because it lacks the infrastructure to store this type of data.

Market Leaders:
Interactive Advertising Bureau -Mexico
Main Advertising Agencies
JWT Mexico
KP Alazraki
Employers' Welfare Action
Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

It is allowed after 10 PM and alternates with health, nutrition and sanitary educational information.  However, the legislative power can change its regulations to follow the European ones.  Some issues have been presented to the senate but have not yet been voted on.
Since 2003, tobacco advertisement has been suppressed from radio and television advertisement, as well as electronic media.  It is mandatory to add comments about  possible health hazards due to tobacco consumption such as "Smoking kills and causes pulmonary cancer", "Smoking during pregnancy can produce a stillbirth", etc.
Over-the-counter medicines can be advertised on television and other communications media.  However, the advertisement of prescribed medicines is limited to professional health providers.
Other Rules
The Federal Law of Radio and Television prohibits the advertisement of vice centers or places that could incite violence, as well as any other image or text that can harass modesty, moral or good behavior.

- The diffusion of advertisement must follow a classified schedule depending on the type of public:
- Children: Any schedule
- Teenagers: After 9 PM
- Adults: After 10 PM

Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
Publicity must be expressed in Spanish, but there is no bias against adding expressions from other languages.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Office of the Federal Prosceutor for the Consumer
Federal Laws of Consumer Protection
Ministry of Communication and Transportation
Ministry of Economy

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