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Commercial Intermediaries

Trading Companies
  • Type of Organization
Very seldom, the distributors deal directly with foreign suppliers.  Because of this, it is necessary to use the services of a local Mexican mediator (export agent, non-manufacturer or  manufacturer of similar products, service company, resale agent or wholesale distributor), who knows the market and can deal directly on how to commercialize the product, develop the clientele, propose the best sales channel, store the merchandise and manage the legal procedures of introducing a new product to the market.
  • Main Actors
Wal-Mart of Mexico , Chedraui , Soriana . Consult the site Commerce in México to find more intermediaries/wholesalers.
  • Type of Organization
Besides their role as commercial intermediaries, the wholesalers also propose services such as the classifying the articles, storing, delivering, etc.  In general, the wholesalers are specialized in high consumption items (food or non-food) or industrial and crafts manufacture equipment.
  • Main Actors
In Mexico City there is a large wholesaler market called: Central de Abasto  , where they deal mainly with the trade of food products.

Consult the site Wholesalers in Mexico

Useful Resources
Mexican Enterprises Information System - Intermediaries
Mexican Guide - Find a commercial intermediary

Using a Commercial Agent

The Advantages
A commercial agent is very useful to set up the initial procedures for an exporting activity or when there are potential clients but the type of market is totally unknown.  A commercial agent can establish marketing contacts  in a fast and efficient way; controlling the brands and logistics policies up to the moment when the products are finally delivered (providing security to the producer).
Where to Be Vigilant
Even though, a commercial agent can be the person or representative of an enterprise that opens the doors of a market to a society, it is hard to keep a real control over how effective his procedures are because he works according to his own organization following his own priorities.
It is important to consider that the customers will be direct clients of the agent and not of the exporting enterprise.  It is advised to work with enterprises that offer an association type of business and not only intermediary agents, in order to be directly more involved during the process of commercialization.
Elements of Motivation
The commission fee is a very important motivation element.  A common practice between agents is to participate in contests and competitions.  Control and good contacts can be useful in order to follow up the agent's activities.  Make sure that the agent knows the market well for your product.
The Average Amount of Commission
In general it is 15 to 25% of the total sales value.
Breach of Contract
It is essential to establish a written agreement document.
Finding a Commercial Agent
Ministry of Economy -Commercial Agents
Association of Customs Agents, Mexico City
Intelweb, Dealers in Mexico
Latin American Dealers Group
Find Sales and Distribution Service Providers in Mexico on

Setting Up a Commercial Unit

The Advantages
It is an option for medium and large size enterprises planning to be involved for a long term.  It allows the enterprise to obtain a complete legal and financial responsibility of the business activities performed.
Where to Be Vigilant
It is a long process since it has to be registered in different ministries: Finance, Economy, Foreign Affairs, etc.
Different Possible Forms of Settlement
  • A Representative Office
It is possible to create a subcontract, which allows participation in Mexican territory without investing directly and without having a long term responsibility.
  • A Branch Office
There are no major obstacles to create a branch office in Mexico.  A branch office is considered a local association for the authorities.
  • A Company
The most common forms of commercial companies are the "Sociedad Anonima" (Joint Stock Company) and  SARL (Limited Corporation).  All foreign capital participating has to be registered at the General Administration of Foreign Investments and at the Ministries of Economy, Finance and Credit and Foreign Affairs.

For more information, consult the website: General Administration of Foreign Investments



Evolution of the Sector
The franchising sector in Mexico occupies the seventh position in world records according to the data provided by the WFC (World Franchise Council); it represents 5% of its gross domestic product  providing about 550,000 jobs.
45% of the franchises are in Mexico D.F. and the rest are distributed around the country, most of them are from United States.
However, a franchise represents numerous obligations to government authorities as well as to the franchisor.
Some Big Franchises
Mc Donald's, fast food
KFC, fast food
Domino's Pizza, pizzeria
Burger King, fast food
Dunkin' Donuts, fast food
Pemex, gas station
Nutrisa, nutrition
Sanborn's Brothers, various products
For Further Information
Mexican Institute of Industrial Property
Mexican Association of Franchising

Finding Assistance

Export Trading Companies
Export and Import Enterprises
Foreign Trade Enterprises in Mexico
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