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Customs Procedures

Antiques and archaeological remains cannot be exported, as well as hydrocarbons, crude oil products and its derivatives and natural asphalts.
Export Taxes
Consult the site Tributary Administration to find out if there is an export tax fee for your product.
Export Clearance
The persons who would like to export merchandise from Mexico must comply with the following regulations:

1- Register on the Mexican Importer's Registry for Specific Sectors. 2- Hire the services of a dealer or a customs agent to prepare by proxy the administration procedures. 3- Comply with the conditions and customs regulations established by the General Legislation of Taxes on Exports. 4- Pay the customs duty taxes, if applicable.

For further information, consult the site Mexican Customs

Necessary Declaration
Customs declaration must contain information regarding the merchandise: its origin, its components, its unit and global value, custom fees and information about the export agent and consignment receiver.  The document presenting this information is called "pedimento" (requisition) and it has to be requested from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit by the agent or by the customs representative, and then, it must be presented at the customs office in order to pay  the processing rights' fees.

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