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Type of Production
Industrial activities represented 18.5% of the gross domestic product (PIB) in Mexico during the second quarter 2008 and about 90% of all exports, where the fields of  food industry, automobile and electronics excelled.
The Assembly Plant Industry (Maquiladoras) occupies an important place in the manufacturing sector (about 80% of the production) due to the tax reductions negotiated on the treaty of free trade in North America, and also to the exporting help programs promoted by the Ministry of Economy.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
National Chamber of Textile Industry
National Chamber of iron and steel
National Chamber of Transformation Industries
National Chamber of construction Industries

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in Mexico are, in general, manufacturers of auto parts since the production of vehicles in Mexico corresponds to a model of high demand.  However, this production has decreased due to the arrival of many new models of  imported vehicles.
Subcontractor industry in Mexico has increased since it was settled, first at the assembly plant industries and later in the multinational enterprises.  The government has supported this issue by establishing the Subcontractor Industry System.
It is a very common operation procedure to evade payment of claims and benefits to employees, the turnover is high which creates a general lack of productivity.
Useful Resources
National Confederate Chamber of  Industry
Subcontracting - Ministry of Economy

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