Business Practices in Morocco

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The Fundamental Principles of Business Culture
Coming to a decision takes time, more so because of the bureaucratic nature of many Moroccan companies. Do not be impatient; the Morrocans do not like to rush.
First Contact
Generally, it is better to be represented by a reliable person.
The appointments must be fixed a long time in advance and confirmed one or two days before. Avoid taking appointments during the month of Ramadan.
The business language is French, but it is advisable to get information beforehand on the language used in the concerned company.
Handshake is the most traditional practice of greeting. Friends who know each other well can kiss each other.
On meeting a woman, one waits for her to offer her hand for a handshake.
How to Present Yourself
Introductions must be formal.
Special deference is made to the most important people. Hierarchy is important.
Business Relations
Moroccans prefer long lasting relationships and familiarity with their contacts (question of confidence).
Moreover, networks are very important in Morocco. Having "references", a well established reliable person may be useful.
According to tradition, one must get pastries when invited.
Do not open the gifts on the spot.
Business Communication
Expressing disapproval is not common. Facial expressions are a good indication.
Moroccans think that prices can always be negotiated.
Dress Code
Formal: dark costume for men, suits for ladies.
Visiting Cards
Visiting cards are not obligatory but are appreciated.
One side of the card must be in French and the other side Arabic.
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