Expatriate Community in Morocco

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Communities of Expatriates

The Number of Expatriates
Approximately 50,000 foreigners, including 28,000 French.
They are particularly concentrated in Casablanca and Rabat, as well as in old districts of historical cities, Marrakech in particular, and on the coasts. One finds an important community of pensioners.
Blogs For Expats
Allo Expat
Expat Focus
For Further Information
Expat Welcome
Immigration Authority
Department of Foreigners of the Commission of the Province
Transportation Companies For Moving/Removals
Bailly moving

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Ranking of Cities

Cost of Living
Cost of living is relatively low in Morocco, though property has soared these last years in particular in the historical districts.
Quality of Life
Decent, but apart from perhaps Casablanca (119th in the Mercer classification).
Living in Morocco, one benefits from a higher purchasing power and a favourable climate. Life there is relatively less stressed. On the other hand, practising sports is easy, but the cultural scene remains weak.
Sanitary Conditions
In the big cities, health infrastructures are acceptable, but automobile pollution is significant. Moreover, Morocco suffers from a serious problem of water supply (water unfit for consumption) and drainage.
For Further Information
Mercer ranking

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Renting an Apartment

Description of Apartments
Apartments are mostly spacious and modern.
Advertisements generally indicate the area, living room and the number of rooms and whether the kitchen is furnished or not.
Normal Lease Term
Term of the lease is 3 years minimum for a vacant apartment.
No rules for a furnished apartment.
Rental Costs
All depends on the type of location.
Price is sometimes negotiable.
Agencies or Private Rentals
Agenices often offer service of western standards and provide you some security, individuals generally resorting to illegal means.
Rental Agency Websites
Morocco property directory
Private Rentals Announcements Online
Morocco property directory
Morocco Real Estate
Morocco Advertisements
Advertising in Morocco
Other Possibilities For Accommodation
One can stay with a family, but in touristic spots, prudence must prevail.
For Further Information
Morocco Property

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School System

School Level
The system is derived from the French system. Primary education (from 6 to 10 years) in Arabic is supplemented by a secondary education in the school (10-14 years) and secondary school (15-18 years) leading to the A levels. Then one can enter the university where French is dominating in majority of the matters. ;
Strong disparities are observed between the teaching level in the cities and in the countryside.
International Schools
An important network of French schools (called "Missions") from the kindergarten to the final year. Spanish schools have developed. Finally, 2 American schools (Casablanca and Rabat) offer many departments.
For Further Information
French teaching network in Morocco
Department of Education (in Moroccan)
American Schools, on the RAS site
American Schools, on the CAS site

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Health System

Quality of Healthcare
Hospitals in big cities are decent, though certain specialties are not always available.
On the other hand, in the rural areas, the quality and quantity of health infrastructures are problematical.
International Hospitals
There are relatively few international hospitals.
Nevertheless, one can cite the Cheikh Zaid International Hospital in Rabat and the Ifrane International Hospital.
Health Insurance
Morocco has just set up a system of obligatory health insurance (AMO) for the salaried employees, government officials, students and pensioners, as well as a cover for those who need it most - the medical assistance plan (RAMED).
Accessibility of the Health Insurance Network to Foreigners
The salaried employees can affiliate to the Moroccan social security system.
Health System Insurance Body
Health Insurance National Agency (ANAM)
Health Ministry
Health Ministry

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