Logistics in Morocco

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Main Useful Means of Transport
Roadways dominate inland transport in Morocco, providing 90% of the mobility of the people and 75% of flows of goods except phosphate, on a 57,500 km long highway network of which 32,100 is paved, in addition to nearly 800 km of highways.
Railways, almost 2000km long, ensures annual transport of more than 30 million tons of goods and 1 million travelers.
Bestowed with a 3,500 km long coastline distributed on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Ocean, Morocco has 27 harbour cities and 30 ports to which the Tangier Med port will be added, providing a traffic of almost 60 Million tons and transport of 4 million people. Nearly 90% of Moroccan exports expressed in tonnage pass through the seas. Morocco has about fifteen airports, domestic and international annually ensuring transport of 7 million travelers and 51 Million tons of freight.
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