Reaching the Consumer in Morocco

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Furniture, computers and other durable products
Consumer Behavior
Moroccans are impulsive purchasers. They are particularly sensitive to price. Accustomed to a traditional method of supply, the availability and confidence of the sellers are important choice criteria. All the same, it is better if the point of sale is recommended by their close relations.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
Morocco has a young population and large households (4.5 people on average).
Consumer expenditure is unequally distributed: it is concentrated in the urban areas and in the fringe of the most well-off population.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
It is growing quickly (+37% in 2006 and 2007) but is concentrated in Casablanca and Rabat (50% of total balance).
It is particularly popular with middle-classes (employees and civil servants) but is considered as taboo by religion.
Consumers Associations
Tanmia , Confederation of Associations of Moroccan Consumers (in French)
Association ATLAS-SAIS

Media in Which to Advertise

Television takes the lion's share: it represents about half of the total advertising market. It has shown growth rates higher than 10% since several years.
Television has regular customers by virtue of local programs and is by far the medium touching the widest range population.

Main Televisions
National Radio broadcasting and Television Company of Morocco
The turnover of advertising business in the press represents 22% of the total in 2005. It has not increased much these last few years, even if the number of advertisings has soared; This is explained particularly by weak broadcasting (only socially elevated categories are touched) as well as a significant limited price.

Main Newspapers
L' économiste
Al Massae
Al Ittihad al Ichtiraki
Al Watan
Mailing is relatively less developed in Morocco but is catching up particularly by Poste Maroc which is expanding and improving the attractiveness of its offer.
In Transportation Venues
It is the third most important sector after television and the press: its market share is about 20%. It seemed to have slowed down these last years, despite technical innovations because the park is at present saturated
Still it covers almost the totality of the territory, touching an urban public, in particular the middle-classes.

Market Leaders:
The radio is still at its infancy in Morocco. Many news stations have come up but it is still struggling for a good standing.
It represents less than 10% of the advertising market. Whereas the advertising turnover somewhat stagnated these last years, it has strongly increased between 2006 and radio 2007.
The radio however reaches only a limited section of the Moroccan population. But according to general opinion, it has a strong potential of development.

Main Radios
Medi 1
Radio 2M
Casa FM
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
This market has exploded these last few years, more generally the online advertising market, partly due to the rise of Internet in Morocco, but also at the cost of an unlimited e-mailing campaign with no coordination with a traditional advertising campaign.
In most cases it just amounts to channelising traffic to a Web site. The youth and city population are more particularly drawn.

Market Leaders:
Express Mailing
Main Advertising Agencies
Infinity Maroc
Alter way Group

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Advertising for alcoholic drinks and liqueurs is prohibited.
Banned since 1991
Other Rules
Misleading advertising is forbidden.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
Advertising is most often in French.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Group of Advertisers of Morocco

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