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Commercial Intermediaries

Trading Companies
  • Type of Organization
Generally import-export companies specialised in a product range.
Occasionally, they have distribution activities.
  • Main Actors



  • Type of Organization
The sector is very spread out.
Wholesalers are generally small companies specialised in a type of product. They are generally local food-processing or craft industry (co-operatives) products.
Wholesalers are found in the industrial sector, and are generally related to the producing conglomerate (ONA, etc).
  • Main Actors
Metro Cash & Carry
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Using a Commercial Agent

The Advantages
Having a sales representative facilitates penetrating the market rapidly (he is already well established) and less expensive (no fixed charges).
Where to Be Vigilant
Loss of autonomy in commercial management and marketing.
The company is completely dependent on the motivation and competence on the agent.
Elements of Motivation
Exclusive rights, a fixed term contract, a minimal sale objective.
Besides, follow-up and in particular field visits is very important.
The Average Amount of Commission
From 5 to 10% of sales or 50% of the gross margin. Variable according to the sectors.
Breach of Contract
A written contract is highly recommended.
The duration of the collaboration, the amount of remuneration must be fixed and a non-competition clause must be specified at least during the collaboration.
Finding a Commercial Agent
Agents & Co
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Setting Up a Commercial Unit

The Advantages
Facilitates having an observation and research base, entering into commercial contacts and advertising its company.
Where to Be Vigilant
Relatively expensive. If one does not know the market, it would be better to be introduced.
Different Possible Forms of Settlement
  • A Representative Office
A representative office may be necessary to obtain market or any other data and provide promotional support. However, a contact office not being able to involve in commercial transactions or income generation, cannot directly manage orders and print invoices.
  • A Branch Office
A branch or a subsidiary company can take and run orders and run a marketing or advertizing program, recruit sales forces and carry out promotional activities.
The branch does not have legal entity, the procedures of creation are thus simple and short. On the other hand, the parent company is responsible for all debts and obligations of the branch.
  • A Company
It offers a commercial credibility to your prospectives and  suppliers, a better guarantee of protection of the registered brand, of obtaining credit and market penetration.


Evolution of the Sector
The Franchise sector is in full rise in Morocco and occupies an increasingly important place within the commercial landscape. Currently there are 310 brands, 900 franchisees and 1914 sales outlets in the country. Clothing accounts for 28% of the franchise brands and France is the country of origin of more than 50% of the network.
The system is entirely contractual (no regulation), it is governed by rules of common law.
Franchise observatory offers information on the franchise sector and its evolution, as well as business opportunities.
Some Big Franchises
Alfa , real estate
Kitea, furnitures
Physiomins, body care
Mon Salon, furnitures
Pigier, educational programmes
For Further Information
Ministry of Industry, Commerce and New Technologies, Department of Commerce and Industry

Finding Assistance

Export Trading Companies
Moroccan Association of Exporters
directory of Maroccan importers
Moroccan center for export promotion
Recommended Resource
Find more on about Selling to Morocco.

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