Travel Security in Morocco

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Health Precautions

Obligatory Vaccination and Other Recommendations
No vaccination is required for international voyages. The risk of malaria (exclusively in the benign form of P. vivax) is limited from May to October in certain households of certain rural areas of the following provinces: Al Hoceima, Chefchaouen, Khouribga and Taounate. Disease prevention recommended. To protect oneself against the traveler's diarrhea (tourista), it is recommended to avoid foods which are more at risk: pre-cooked dishes and cold soups; seafood, meats, undercooked fish and raw vegetables as well as fruits not peeled by oneself. Drinking water must be boiled, filtered or consumed in sealed bottles. Decontaminating tablets (Hydroclonazone, Micropur) are partially effective.
Drinking water is supplied in all the big cities and in certain villages, but it is recommended to drink mineral water. Wash fruits and vegetables carefully. Consume well done meats. Avoid bathing in the wadis and dams.
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MD Travel Health
CDC Traveler's Health

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Safety Conditions

The country is overall secure, the most important risk is being ripped off.
Terrorist Risk
The risk is limited to Casablanca which has known attacks in 2003 and 2007.
Risk of Natural Disaster
Morocco is located in a sismic activity zone.
Traveling Women Conditions
Some verbal harassment can be testing for single women.
For Further Information
Site of the US Department of State
Chaka Travel

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