Reaching the Consumer in the Netherlands

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Household consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, traveling, sportswear, clothing and footwear. The babyboom generation will soon retire and as such sectors that provide services for this generation are rapidly growing. The agricultural sector is declining slightly.
Consumer Behavior
Dutch consumers tend to value quality to a high degree, they are willing to buy something when they see that the price relates to the quality. They usually do not favor Dutch products over their foreign counterparts. Dutch consumers are sensitive for advertisements and a good advertisement campaign is bound to a big effect on the sales.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
The Dutch consumer has a lot of money to spend but will not spend it easily. By nature they tend to resist change and this also means that they prefer products that they already know over new products. Recently there has been a lot of publicity about the environment which has increased the willingness of Dutch consumers to buy environmental-friendly products.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
Dutch consumers will favor a product with a consumer credit over a similar product without a consumer credit.
Consumers Associations
Eigen Huis
United Consumers

Media in Which to Advertise

Has a huge impact but is very costly.

Main Televisions
PCM uitgevers
Reach a lot of customers, probably form the best alternative if you want to reach a specific target group. The cost of advertisements has decreased because of the competition of the free newspapers (Metro, Sp!ts and Dag).
Very ineffective and the least appreciated form of advertisement and very ineffective. But you can reach almost everyone by email because of the high percentage of the population that uses internet.
In Transportation Venues
Used a lot in public transportation and in the form of flyers that are put on walls. Only effective for regional promotions and events.

Market Leaders:
CBS Outdoor (in Dutch)
A very useful medium for advertising because a lot of people listen to the radio during their stay and work and also in the car.

Main Radios
Europe's largest TV, radio and production company
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Internet and text messages are becoming increasingly more popular.
Main Advertising Agencies
Media Contact

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Possible if the viewing audience is at least 75% older than 16. A statement against alcohol usage at young age should be included.
Is not allowed.
Allowed on approved drugs.
Other Rules
You can consult the Dutch code of advertising.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
Television advertisements usually have subtitles when they are in another language. In general the use of a foreign language does not lead to any problems.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Stichting Reclame Code

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