Distribution Networks in the Netherlands

Overview by Globlatrade.net:

Types of Outlet

Department stores
Clothing, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Food, biggest type of Dutch stores, can only be found in the centre of big cities.
Bijenkorf, Vroom & Dreesmann, C&A, HEMA Blokker
Food supermarkets, supermarkets are small in comparison to other countries and usually centrally located.
Albert Heijn, C1000, Super de Boer, Spar, Plus, Aldi, Lidl
Drug stores
Personal hygiene products, Cosmetics, Beauty products, Detergents, Sweets and Drinks. Relatively small stores.
Kruidvat, DA
Specialized stores
Specialized by product, they all have a big assortment for a fair price. Stores can be found in in big cities as well as in some smaller ones.
Clothing: Zeeman, H&M, CoolCat, WE
Shoes: Schoenenreus, Footlocker, Scapino
Electronics: Mediamarkt
Alcohol: Gall & Gall

Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
In 2004, retail trade was valued at 79.2 billion euros, a decline of 2.1% over 2003.
Market Shares
Comparable to that of other European countries. Is dominated by big groups like Ahold which controls 42% of the food distribution market, followed by Laurus which holds 17% (the Laurus brand is on the verge of disappearing which is benefiting the French brand Casino which today owns 38.7% of Laurus). Despite the development of large supermarkets, Dutch consumers continue to prefer neighborhood stores which allows small supermarkets and specialized stores to retain a considerable share in the Dutch distribution market.
The discount market is also growing; increasing from 10% in 2003 to 13% in 2004.
In the non-food sector, international and Dutch brands co-exist and all of them are well established. In the textile sector there is C&A, Maxeda, and in the furnishing sector Blokker is a national brand.
Organizations in the Retail Sector
Dutch Supermarket Association

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