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Customs Procedures

Import Procedures
Release for free circulation confers on non-Community goods the status of Community goods. Article 79 (2) Customs Code (CC) clarifies that release for free circulation entails: both the collection of import duties where goods are liable to them according to the Community Customs Tariff and no duty relief is applicable and the application of commercial policy measures (such as the presentation of an import authorisation for goods subject to quotas) and any other formalities laid down in respect of the importation of such goods (such as the presentation of a health certificate for certain animals).

Additional information about import procedures can be found on the European Commission website.

Specific Import Procedures
The Customs Code (CC) provides for a number of special arrangements permitting more favorable or simplified conditions at release for free circulation, among which the favourable tariff treatment by reason of the nature or end-use of the goods deserves special consideration.
Importing Samples
Weapons, ammunition, protected species of flora and fauna and drugs.

Customs Duties and Taxes on Imports

Average Customs Duty (Excluding Agricultural Products)
The Netherlands has (as a member of the Europian Union) one of the lowest average custom duties with 4.17%.


Complete detail of the custom duties by classification per product

Products Having a Higher Customs Tariff
Food-processing industry and textile sectors (average duties of a 17.3% and numerous tariff quotas, PAC) still know protective measures.
Preferential Rates
For countries with whom a bilateral or a multilateral agreement have been signed by the European Union

To get further information consult the website of the European Union.

To get further information on customs policies in the European Union, please check the exhaustive report by the European Commission.

Customs Classification
Harmonized custom system.
Method of Calculation of Duties
When the country exporting goods to the Netherlands is not part of the European Union, customs duties are calculated Ad valorem on the CIF value of the goods, in accordance with the Common Customs Tariff (CCT).
Method of Payment of Customs Duties
By electronic payment system or by credit card.
Import Taxes (Excluding Consumer Taxes)

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