Lodging in the Netherlands

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The Netherlands Board of Tourism issues a shield to all approved hotels by which they can be recognized. Hotels which display this sign conform to the official standards set by Dutch law on hotels, which protects the tourist and guarantees certain standards of quality.
The Netherlands Reservation Center (NRC)
Bed and Breakfast
These are called pensions and rates vary. Book through local tourist offices.
Bed & Breakfast Service Nederland
Self Catering
Farmhouses for groups can be booked months in advance via the local tourist offices. Holiday chalets, especially in the relatively unknown parts of Zeeland, can be booked through the local tourist office. Bungalow parks throughout the country can be booked through The Netherlands Reserverings Centrum (NRC). .
The Netherlands Reservation Center (NRC)
Prices are fairly high and it is often far better value to stay more than one night. A list is available from The Netherlands Board of Tourism (see Top Things To Do) and reservations can be made through the Stichting Vrije Recreatie.
Stichting Vrije Recreatie
Youth Hostels
There are around 30 hostels in various surroundings, from castles to modern buildings. People with a Hostelling International card receive a discount of €2.50 for an overnight stay including breakfast. Information is obtainable from Stayokay (the Dutch Youth Hostel Association/Stichting Nederlandse Jeugdherberg Centrale).
Hotel Rules
Prices are given per person and not per room.
For Further Information
Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions

Price Indications

Economy Room 23 - 53 EUR
Medium Price Room 50 - 90 EUR
Good Quality Room > 120 EUR

Source: Lonely Planet

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