Sightseeing in the Netherlands

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Tourism and Culture

Different Forms of Tourism

There are a lot of historic sights to see, mainly in the big cities but also in the country side. Think of the Waterlinie and the Canals of Amsterdam.
The Netherlands is renowned for its museums. Some Dutch sites are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, consult the website to see which they are.
There are a number of parks, such as de Keukenhof and other nature parks such as de Veluwe. Some Dutch sites are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, consult the website to see which they are.
All religious sites in the Netherlands.
All costal activities.
Winter Sports
None outdoor, apart from when there is a rigorous winter, then ice skating outside is popular (Elfstedentocht); indoors there is skiing and ice skating.
Outdoor Activities
Cycling, walking, swimming, golf.
Special purchases include Delft (between The Hague and Rotterdam) blue pottery and pottery from Makkum and Workum, costume dolls, silverware from Schoonhoven, glass and crystal from Leerdam and diamonds from Amsterdam. Shopping hours: Mon 1100-1800; Tues-Fri 0900-1800; Sat 0900-1700. In Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other big cities, supermarkets are open from 0800-2000/2100. In large city centres, shops are open Sun 1200-1700. Shopping malls are also open on Sunday. Some cities also have late-night shopping on Thursdays or Fridays.

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Individual and Civic Freedoms

Political Freedom
Civil Liberty
Freedom of the Press
The news media are free and independent. Restrictions on insulting the monarch and royal family exist but are rarely enforced. Despite a high concentration of newspaper ownership, a wide variety of opinion is expressed in the print media. Internet access is not restricted.
World Ranking of Freedom of the Press According to "Reporters sans Frontières", 2009 report : 7/175
Evolution: 10 places up compared to 2008
For Further Information, Consult Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2009, Reporters Without Borders
Free Access to the Internet
Freedom of Assembly
Rule of Law
Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights
Relatively widespread, minorities can suffer from discrimination.
Women's Condition
Same as for men.
For Further Information
Freedom House
U.S. Department of State

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Degree of Freedom
Roman Catholic 31%, Dutch Reformed 13%, Calvinist 7%, Muslim 5.5%, other 2.5%, none 41% (2002).
Role of Religion in Society
Religion does not influence economic or political life.

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