Reaching the Consumer in Norway

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Consumer products and information and communications technology.
Consumer Behavior
Norwegians are very patriotic and often choose domestic products. Environmental issues are also important for consumers. Norwegian consumers are interested in new products (especially ICT-products and consumer electronics) and are willing to pay for quality. Compared with the Danish or Swedish consumers, Norwegians are not as price sensitive and are willing to spend more, especially when buying durable goods. The right price-quality relationship is usually more important than just the low price. In many regards, the consumer behavior is similar to other West-European countries
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
Norwegians are wealthy and purchasing power is very high. Norway's own production consists mostly of raw materials and semi-manufactured products, so many consumer products are imported. The wealth in Norway is also evenly distributed, so every Norwegian is an enabled consumer. Due to these opportunities, the competition is strict, especially with Scandinavian businesses.

Three quarters of Norwegians live in the southern parts of Norway. The rest of the population is dispersed to small centers around the country. Therefore, because of the long distances and high transportation costs, it might be wise to focus the sales efforts to the southern areas of the country.

Consumer Recourse to Credit
Products with consumer credit will be favored over similar products without it.
Consumers Associations
Forbrukerportalen , The Consumer Council of Norway
Consumer Ombudsman

Media in Which to Advertise

TV has a big impact. TV2, TV3 and TV Norge are the most popular channels.

Main Televisions
TV Norge
TV 2
TV 3
Norway has one of the highest newspaper readerships in the world, so press has a big impact. Norwegians prefer local newspapers over nationals, but the two biggest national papers, Verdens Gang and Aftenposten, are widely read throughout the country.
Perhaps not the most appreciated form of advertisement. Although marketing via Internet and other technologies is increasingly popular, consumer still value concrete and tangible brochures and marketing materials.
In Transportation Venues
Advertising on transportation and public areas has been available for many years. Advertisements can be found on public buses, bus and railway stations and roadside billboards.

Market Leaders:
Reklame Service
Morten i Kerr
Radio advertising has a significant impact. There are several competing radio stations. Stations that are popular among commuters are especially significant for advertising purposes.

Main Radios
P4 Radio Helge Norge
The Voice
Radio Norge
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Internet and text messages are becoming increasingly more popular.

Market Leaders:
Google Directory - List of Internet advertising firms
Main Advertising Agencies
Nett Invest

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Advertising alcoholic drinks with more than 2,75% alcohol per volume is prohibited.
All forms of tobacco advertising are banned.
Advertising prescription drugs towards the general public is banned.
Other Rules
Advertising that targets children is prohibited. Advertising political or religious views is banned in television broadcasts. Advertising weapons and toy weapons is banned. Advertising may not conflict the equality between the sexes or be derogatory. Advertising may not be incorrect or misleading or run counter to good business practice. There is a general ban on advertisements 10 minutes before and after children's programs in television or radio. Advertising is regulated in The Marketing Control Act.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
Television advertisements usually have subtitles when they are in another language. In general the use of a foreign language does not lead to any problems.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
The Marketing Control Act
The Consumer Ombudsman
The Consumer Council

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