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Official Language
Nearly all Norwegians speak the official language, Norwegian. It has two written forms, Bokmål and Nynorsk. Bokmål is more common of the two. In some districts Sami (spoken by the Sami minority) is also an official language.
Other Languages Spoken
Official language : Norwegian
Business languages: Norwegian & English.
Business Language
Most Norwegians speak at least some English. Business people speak excellent English.
Getting Some Knowledge
Basics of Norwegian language.
Free Translation Tools
Dicts : Basic word / sentence translator
Free Translation : Basic word / sentence translator

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Quality of Communications
The telecommunications infrastructure in Norway is one of the most advanced in Europe. Broadband, ADSL and wireless networks are widely available. There are as many cellular phone subscriptions as there are inhabitants. 80% of the people have internet access at home.
Telephone Codes
To Make a Call From Norway, Dial 00
To Make a Call to in Norway, Dial +47
Number of Digits of National Telephone Numbers
8-9. Numbers begin with 1 or 2 numbers representing the area code and 7 numbers of the subsriber code. Numbering plans gives you complete instructions about numbering. A detailed list of Norwegian regional codes can be found here.
Mobile Telephone Standards
National Mobile Phone Operators
Telenor and NetCom are major operators. The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority maintains an updated list of all moblie phone operators with price information: (in Norwegian)

Availability of Internet

Internet Suffix
National Internet Access Providers
Telenor, NextGenTel, Tele2 and Ventelo are major providers. List of all internet providers:
Access in Public Places
Some cafes and other public places, mainly in Oslo. List of hotspots.
Access in Hotels
Available in the more luxurious hotels and varyingly in others.

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