Recognizing a Chinese Scam

A Hot Tip about Business Environment in China

Last updated: 26 Jan 2011

Here are 8 tips for recognizing whether a Chinese company is trying to scam you.

Warning Signs Of A Chinese Scam ? The Chinese company contacted you o the Web. ? They have ?Import/Export? or ?Trading? in their name. ? They want to conduct a very large volume of trade. ? They insist your senior executive travel to China immediately to sign the contract with them in person. ? They request money prior to the trip to pay for a reception in your honor, and/or, once in China, they request money or goods to grease the wheels with local o?cials. ? They ask you to share a ?notarization fee? based on a percentage of the contract price. ? They have been in business for less than one year. ? They can provide no veri?able references.
Posted: 21 January 2011, last updated 26 January 2011

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