China: Friend Or Foe?

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Last updated: 10 Sep 2011

Does China have a hidden agenda? Can they be trusted? Is it really safe to do business in China?

From an uncensored foreign executive Let?s face it, when times are tough it is easy to bash China, perhaps more out of envy than anything else. Yes, China is well known for business scams and censorship, but those stories are the ones that get the headlines in the West. Truth be told folks, over 90% of all business transaction with Chinese companies are problem and fraud-free. If we are fair and objective, and take the time to analyze world events over the last 50 years, China truly deserves to be praised and not bashed. Here?s why every American and European should be very grateful? ?China bailed out the U.S. from certain financial collapse in 2008 with the purchase over $2 Trillion in Treasury notes. Of course they had self-interests as well, but without this financial rescue, the American economy would have imploded. ?China gladly accepted all the factory and low-paying jobs nobody wanted in America over the last 30 years and became the ?world?s factory? manufacturing over 50% of all consumer goods. ?Chinese workers are the hardest working and most productive people in history. They built America?s first railroad, and thousands of labor intensive projects all over the world. They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and efforts. ?Today, China?s economy is the life-support system for America and most of Europe and Asia. They replaced Japan as the second largest economy in the world. ?In over 5000 years of history, China has never attacked nor invaded any country without first being attacked itself. In contrast, in only 210 years, America has invaded and attacked 37 countries. ?China embraces foreigners as a way to grow themselves smarter, richer, and better people. Most Chinese are genuinely friendly and helpful. They do not like confrontations, arguments and despise drugs. Over 90% of Chinese businessmen are honest and ethical. ?China has the second lowest crime rate in the world. ?IP law suits against China have dropped 27% over the last five years as they are now adopting international laws as their own. ?Human rights complaints from China dropped 41% over the last 10 years. China is far from perfect but they are surely moving in the right direction. They still must deal with corruption, inflation, and the growing pains of a their new wealth. The incoming leadership of 2012 has already openly discussed the possibility of provincial elections, and China now even has a social security system in place. They now use Harvard Law Professors (Like Mindy Busch) to teach their judges the rule of law and how to administer justice fairly and with transparency. Big hurdles still remain with internet and media censorship but Google is keeping the pressure on as well as millions of university students who will be tomorrow?s leadership in China. The hunger for freedom in China is overwhelming. Each day brings the nation closer to a true democracy and they still look to the West as a role model. We must continue to encourage and guide them. Ironically, for 50 years the Socialists in the East and Capitalists in the West bashed and feared one another. Today the roles are reversed and now we have mutual understanding that helping each other survive and thrive in a stressful world that grows smaller and smaller every decade via technology. There will always be tensions and disagreements, but we really need to keep our focus on the big picture friends. Let?s give China a pat on the back and well-deserved kudos for their incredible emergence and economic growth. We need not fear them, only respect them and give them the dignity and global friendship they did not have for over 4,950 years. They crave a little international recognition and more freedoms ? nothing more. Is this asking too much? Many people around the world, even those in ally NATO countries, hold America in contempt and disrespect these days for the Iraq invasion, secret prisons in Cuba, and the torture of Iraqi war criminals. The Chinese however, still look up to the American people with admiration and respect, and only blame the leaders for past deceptions and blunders. We should welcome their understanding and goodwill. Most of our staff have resided here in China for more than five years and some as many as fifteen years. We can feel that the friendship is warm and genuine from most of our Chinese neighbors. Trust here takes a looooong time to build, but lasts even longer once you acquire it. Doing business in China, like anywhere else still requires professional due diligence and in this regard, the China Trade Commission is always willing to lend a hand with free Risk Management Workshops, and Corporate Executive Training as well as discreet and comprehensive due diligence reports. Free samples are available upon request. - China Trade Commission
Posted: 02 September 2011, last updated 10 September 2011

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