Public Servants Social Security Agency

An Expert's View about Law and Compliance in Ethiopia

Posted on: 28 Oct 2011

The Public Servants Social Security Agency is established by the Council of Ministers to administer Public Servants’ Pension scheme. Unlike Private Organizations Employees Social Security Agency it is not a newly formed agency. Previously it was known as Social Security Agency and according to article 13 of this regulation, the rights and obligations of the Social Security Agency are now transferred to this agency.

Abrham Yohannes t Tll (\. tJ FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA Of THE F.ED ERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUB LIC OF ETHIOPIA ),;,,/,. I'lIH'~: ·~ ua .}. ?t:?1?C ?i% JY- Year No 27 nldi?! .V.tNI? ~.'l" ht.!I.n tTflh.tJ AUDIS ABABA 25U: M,lrch 201 1 l,~h hOI! OD;;n:}? .~~ "") Mlii ?).1" . r,MIllf ?I?w,l"f I"?hC 11,+ nt~,,)-), rID") L-____- ---------~ CONTENTS Regulation No. 20 3120 11 n?n ?I?1?C nl.?mLi.? \.blic Servanls Social Security Agency Establi shment Council of 1?(JuT,}!""}? u?t??,,7t?:r? "?/ullt?1f ?Pll?}?(j tbJ.>:·~(}. tT?I1: accordance with Arlicle 5 and 34 of th~ Definition . of D "????lC IIo ot{)?) nm"1a> n'l'~' "?1?( ~r:w~i'i£ Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal n?I?/?)\? (i /.<; !'i~ ootJ?I.?)? .!?,U?I 1.?I:n novrJ:A " Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No. ~ . b$"C C6h 691120 10 Ji r y.u r:}?n " t?uu?)<>}p"?l? u't·'I·7f~f· ( luOt? e cp(}'l'~' 1. Short Title /,,:e:?11I. "?I**o7.f r"'l.'Ln-l·c.'~: ?l"hC 11..). 9:I?n This Regulation may be cited as the "Public Servan ts "??1?C nrmet" "?1111? lI.m.,," .e:r~A" Social Security Agency Establi shm ent Council of Ministers Regulation No. 203/20 I J ". r.~ ~I fuo?),?p"}? IJlt??,,7r:r? O"/unt??f 1?o?1??j h.:e: ?)(\. 2. Establishment (hiLU n·).~ "/"n!l.") AN~II ""? f",?? 11 The Public Servants Social Security Agency O/D?) ?)? fila> MI") 0:11 r &. ... t?t\ oo?)??p h) . (hereinafter "the Agency") is hereby established as ODP?M? 11..). If?!? fltLU f:111 ?r?:"?""A" I an autonomous federal government agency having ~I flt.»: ?)!l.a> ?i?tnt)?)? IIfPt"r~'> "?Iunt-?l! 1?. .. ,1?. . its ownjuridicaJ personality. ?"o.lI?L?C .!',If~·A;; 21 The Age~cy shall be accountable to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs . . n .... ?/?;1 L:n it price 2.30 vt,-l? ;J1l."1 T."I.'~ ?ff?iH Negarit Gazcta 80 ,00 J , .. , _. ~ ??.?c. < _:'~:: : ., } -- . . ~;i /~~~.t};.~;."·,.,,. . ,"" .~ . . "" Abrham Yohannes 1 Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 27 March 25 1". 20 11-Page 57 82 I 3. Head Office C. T?i unp??! fkl- ! The Agency shall have its Head Office in Addis Ababa yn.~:·)I\.(I" ?I"; unp??! (1. ,), nlt.l;.~ M~ If~" .rC)tOol.?l": ! and may have branch o ffi ces e lsewhere as necessary. )')Y.ltllt.~'/.~'~ n"'l~' 'f(ll-?" M:t? A.?i?lo> Y.:r~A" Qbjective Q~ The objective of the Agency shall be to st rengthen and fn.~:·)I\.('" '1~'7 foo?)??P")? ,,?t?,/?7[?+ f"?lUI16??e I expand public se rvants social security rrograms. c ?Pil,}?t; TC?1t" r?:r h ?)Pl.,t1l ;h{?c; ),YI.IIH. ! ?1Y:L7 )'.II'~·A" , 5. Powers find onti" ~;. ,...,,,11">5 tif)C Th e Agency shall have the powers and duties (0: n.~:')c\.(ll- V"?I,IH?n+ I~A"1'I'i · 1 ·,?~6··) · ,l?S<. I I I implem cn! public servants social securi;y laws , ~III : ' I ?A,. ) regul ations and di rect ives; ) f!/ t?UO?)<>]P"?" (J?t???-?r.,. ~unt·~ PO ? ?<" . . . ,l>H") , f.'){l'f·)~· 0000/.$?9?,<-?1 np?/,. ~y. 21 cstablts h effiClen! and effecltve system to implem ent the public servants pension scheme; '''''~A ! 3/ establish a system for the collection of publ ic ~I fau?)7P")? "?.,?1???1?1?? . m-L~' o~·.It') servants pension contributions, collect n"'lllt.~?" '~A"11'<; ,n",,?)? Ynm? 1t"?.?C contri buti ons , ensure that pension contributions are ,l?.IIL;>A? )?.????/?1I6?IA U collected by the appropriate organs in time and in. \?uo?)"I,I-"?.)- lI?t?""?t?l m?l;J? O?P?I?(.J.... nf?l/J(HI I~C'H' y.ItL;JA , oo'l''''~ !?.IInItflA? th e correct amount, ? supervise the implementation n"'l.oonh'~a> foo?)7P")? It?IA Oh?A of the system by employers and, where necessary, n,/??/O.CD- 'I.IL~· 00111?) ooc\llM??) , L;>7"1A , audit their documents and records by requiring ),,,,t UDP?ty (1.?n? P?C?}?F?j '1 ' 7~6-'e their submission or through site visits; "?II :: L-"fay) ,e.jltlJlIlt?t\ , )'1It.~1. I\.IJ"I 41 administer public servants pension funds and assets 1\)1?.?f?)<; uo~7·n ')·J M.,.cn . w,e?" nltv?t related thereto; rIDP??! Il..f.?f '~1'H ,eool.?"6?A J 51 collect in advance and maintain records of ~I fau')'?/~')' 1P6??V?t:r? m?L;/" t. 'IF.'h~· evidentiary -data that entitl e public servants to ht.-I .... "? ;>C V?I?n il? V1\f.?f?1 ylI?. ..? IY:t?A? pension bene lils; iii fon?)7P")? v?6. . 1?;;"?f??1 i\m?L;/" on?I\?)? ?M 61 take legal actions against public offices and (????I.J?J?.£1".? I1tL1i9??f?1O ?l-Y:"?I.)? M~1tn , .,,?IA, individual s who fa il to pay pension contributions, ~I flll?L;/" on?l?(;"" OW?l-?I, n"?l,eM:i\? r flll?l.;/" maintain accounts of contributions and fu rni sh on?l????? '/.'~ll on1l11\ O"?l,l?.tt? "?1111.:?, n"?l!?,Ah? },~. ooL?l O"?l,ec\m? You?I,?P")? required documents and information on time; uoP??! Il..f.?f?i 7Mn?f? ~,e m;J?e }?c?"?l 71 determine the adequacy and validity of evidentiary ,l?,m!ttlAJ data submitted in connection with clai ms [0 public iJ fon?I,,/P")? "'6-'~;;"'f IIl?L;/" uo1\?)? servants pension entitlements, as well as the types n"?lllhOC f"?l. .~ CO· "?IIIL?lI"?f?1 -IV?)? ),?i and amounts of benefits , aJ.1d effect payments of 'I"~'U"~')" f?1??I-??? '},l',~ ')' )?<; "","V) benefits; . ,l?.OlIl<;A r h?,:Y y.t.?A?"?I1II i 81 decide on claim s related to pension rights -and /I l?au?17P")? ,,?t??/,,?t?f IIl?L;/" 001\?)??i ?r?l-?" benefits of public servants; TN9??f ?I,l?. 11> ...... ,eC\tlJA i . 91 invest public servants pension funds in treasury iii Yoo?I,,/P")? "?6"1??l??f m?l.;/" t.?)jl.?f?) bonds and oth~r secured investments specified by n?)-t,lrt WIF.?f?i fTlII,n<; ? 1t.I>?:"?I. A"?I?)? directives issued ?by the Ministry of Finance and "'I,'tIl ·~C n"?l.Ym"1a> 00006.1? n"'\~· Economic?Development; h:1." ?I?; 1.11-1????1???11 nlf~ · fbAo:r I,:I/ilt-l?on?)i?.?f ~,l', YII>~A ! 101 cause periodical actuarial study and review of t.?I.??.)??! XI YouT?P")? "?6+11>:)? ""1.;1- public servants pension funds; nf+ml\~ h ?I?, t I"l ? ?I.IL n~."fll lit".)? II I undertake studies to strengthen public servants I")lilll~' !?Y.C;Jt\ 1 pension programs, submit the studies to the :W Yoo?17P")? U?6"1??l??f m?L;/" . TC??6-?T"?f government and implement same upon approval; M~/,(I1<;h<.n')· V? ... ;/" ,\,<;.). ),Y?I?/,J?, 121 issue directives on maters that come within its n""?),?p")? Y'~C~A i l\.t.'~J:?" ·1·7~6·'e powers and duties; n.C1A i 131 own property, enter imo contracts, sue and be i~1 nP?A"1?)<; '1'7~~ I~C f"?l.?I??"?? ?/??It?:f?j sued in its own name; n"?l.ooll/1?)? 0000/, .1?9?1:-) Yro"1A? 14/ carl)? out such other activities as may be necessary xe l nllt.-)? ~t\n.')- Y,II??iA r O>A ,l?.?I??P?I1I,I fo r the fulfillment of its objective, Mon. Y.hl\A ! f,tu\ ... III ; 0 Xiii 'l~"'I""'1 h7,n 11"?11:1.11 f"'l.YII~.A1· 1\.11 ?1? '1'7~6· ·)··) J?h?;U>?iA" Abrham Yohannes Federal !\cgarit Gazeta NO.27 March 25?1"1 201 1 Page 5783 ~ . YIbt:?I!?I.())- M5I" 6. Organization or the AI?cnry ~\,;~:'U\.(u,:- The Agency shall have: M \? P?(?. /,ou(,?C nCy: (hlI.U Il').~ "nCY:" , 1/ a Board of \1anagement (hercinafter the "Board") !.Y?/??1t\ \?"?rn(??), 21 Director General and, as may be necessary, ~U nOlI?},,? p,,}. \? ?l.i?i0 lI? ?Pei P.Y.{. . h?/-C?; Deputy Director Generals to be appointed by the 1'I.r.M&.~·I:I·/' 5I"1I?h:-. ?P?i ,v,j?,t.,I1?/?C+? I,?; government; and U ">- u1t??,??!f??:;--: 31 the necessary staff. j'.':-~.;1' A" 7. Members of the Board t. yncY,. /,q~,}. II Members ofthc.Board, including the ~hairperson, ~/ rncY,. !t?Il 21 Without limiting the generality of sub?article ( I) /'m.:J>~j? /?;7IC ),·IY.·/·mO·~ If~' ncY,.:- of this Article, the Board shall have the powers u) \·Ib~:'II\.O}'1 1?1?)?/"?/:)?.? 6?1>.1?:? ot:?)-<,? and duties to: I" P?/?. h&.XlI5I" "TC?)? YU:.:J>A? a) approve the strategy, plan, budget and II) You?I"IP")? "?/,+>";?)?. lI\?l;r O?l>Y:?I?; performance report of the Agency; &:IP"r,?1 Ya~!" YT II.II. b) submit to the government, for approval, ?I?,v,y?j???), lIou?)?7p ?.). !.?I>cn Y!t(JJ!t?;C\? general policy matters the public ,h) 1..~:'I!t.())- ntLU n?o /,?))\? Ii ?)0,1?1 servants pension scheme and the funds; /,?)0/??1.? (X~) oo,,?d? Ya v. Board. /1?/"/7+ 1.?1<,\,). 0/"0?1?i?())- Y:5I"?I.? lI,n", ?I())-" 3/ Decisions of the Bo~rd shall be passed by 1f?;?5I" f:5I"X? ),h?A I\),/)?A 1"?1?/). . 11 ),?IY.If; I ? majority votes of the members present at a 1111 m.t:?)I\,())- 'P~' P?/?. M&.'I."~. II The Director General shall be thc chief executive If?i? (lCPr. 0"??1. (lmm? nm:J??t,r, ODuuty officer of the Agency and shall, subject to the ou,,?d? YI..~:')I\,O}'I P?/,.!P?j?. !!,ant-A? general directives of the Board, direct and ,Y!t?I?,v,!:?( ,?A" administer the activities of the Agency. iii ntl,U /")o/??!.? ?)0.1?1 /,,),~'!., (~) Y?/?""lIh?/?O)? 2/ Without limiting the generality stated in sub? /,m-",<,\j.?, /,?1; J?/C h?IY.?I?mO?I? tr~' ?1"; article {l) of this Article, the Director General -'l!,.I.h'I·~," shall: U) ml.u .1?:1?0 /, 'I'~X' Ii Y?I?oullh?/?o)-,1 a) exercise the powers and duties of the YI..WIII,OI??1 P?A"n<; ?1???I?1CO P?/?? <,\A? Regulation; rl,.:~'}(I.<]}·) "?t. . ~'l',): 1l&.i?.,t?A !?I.ilA II) b} employ and administer employees of the !tcii.!t ,),1): OOlPl?J- )?,·1 M·& ··~~.' ?tH?!?.?,; o:f.-l? l? c) prepare and submit to ,the Board the I hJI ;.>I?:??r? ~(ICP'· Y"?CfltI ? ~. 6.·'· 1?: ?1" i strategy, plan and budget of the Agency and , OP?t ? ~Y. Yo>~tI i implement same upon approval; 00) ~h.~:·I~.m· ON."'f,~·) · 01?:)? ? ou IJ ?d ? d) e~fect expenditure in accordance with the nlll1 aim, J?f.c;.>tI i approved budget of the Agency; "?) h"'O " ' ~' 01 ?1?;")"? ;.> c oml.Y.l?l? e) represent the Agency in all its dealings wi th "/"1,.?,.1?.:)"? h.~:·I~.">-"1 i'.(IlI'~A 1 I third partil:s; l) \'~\.,~:'}(l:Ql"} y / ,U t? ~\6' . ~~9"(; \"// ?1 -0 f) subm it performance and fin ancia l reports of t7?C-r??r- ~ncp" )""CflA ? ~' ~Y: 'W' I the Agency to the Board and, upon ~"'I.uo~h;t,:rar Yuo?)??P")? I>"~ ') ' approval, to Ihl: concl:rncd?, govl:rnlllent )' 0·,·~tl1. tI" . I bodies. 1?1 'I'~' P, ,£?,,(,/H? :)~M"1' <; tb~"')", "?&" " 7;" r? Oarlltl<; o\.)'M·~A~: ,£'.):~tI " employees of the Agency 10 the extent necessary for the efficient performance of the activ it ies of lA. ll.L..:l: th e Agency. h.~:·I~ .or hm?l;1? &.?).?;. O"?l.oof,?O O~: . ? II. Budget J!"" P?f,&,tI" The Agency?s budget shall be allocated from th e pension funds, If. 00 Y" 111 oo~'llt 12 . ,Books of Accounts M h.~:·lilor Y???"J,II?<; ?) ?hhM YU" ,? 1"1."/11 I / The Agency shall keep complete and accurate ""?1"1?0?)? .f?,,£?," tI" books of account s, MI Yh.I?:?I!lor Y~."/l1 ou?l"Il1?)?<; nll?n ?,II 2/ The books of accounts and fi nancia l documents of 0\"?.1? OY"ou · ~ 0?1?<;o r . ~-'\. · I·C my.?r l,Co? the Agency shall be audited annuall y by the n" ?I. 0\,£?." ?I ?I?o r 10?<:." ?C?): ,£?.uol oot .~ . :: Auditor General or by auditors appointed by him . Ir. ooooM??1?-5 ,&;1=1??1?- oo"'~I\'E 13. Transfer of Rights a nd Obligations 01>'I' ~' ~:'1'C iinliiDWit l'IY:I~' . "oJ;~: '/" The r ights and obligations of the Social Security Y\O<:(Do 1"??1?l0&??f ?1?0?)?<; h.~·Io\. uu l1 ?)"; Agency re-establi shed under Proclamation No. "IP.;1?1?): OIl.U Y:ll1 o\h.W/!l(Do ·'·~A &. 'I'A :: 49512006 are hereby transferred to the Agency. Iii. gJ!J: r"U5nt ?/.1\ . 14. Effective Date . .f?,U f:ll1 O.l.P"&,tI ~?t ·)· ;.>1\<1J ;1?.) .,/" ha><1JO ?)? This Regulation shall come into fo rce on the date of ?/>?1 I?:?I"C? YO<; .f?,!Y<;tI:: publi cation in the Federal Negarit Gazeta. Done at Addis Ababa, this 25" day of March, 20 II. uunn I\<;?f MELES ZEN A WI Yld?N , )? &..P.t· ~'f , -'\. ~l"h t· o\.!''P. PRI ME MINISTER OF TH E FEDERAL DEMOC RATI C tT?OIl.)1 m.p~!,. "?I.).M?c REPUBLI C OF ETHI OP IA . , , : ?nc?n <; Mil" "?1" ????1.)? t:C?f!.+
Posted: 28 October 2011

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