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An Expert's View about Sales in Germany

Posted on: 9 Nov 2011

International marketing helps your company to stabilze and become more independent from local economic influences

Michael Richter International marketing and sales consultancy Hauptstrasse 27 ? DE ? 88422 Seekirch/Germany email: Fon:+49(0)7582-933371 - Fax: +49(0)7582-933372 - mobile: +49 (0)171-5023800 Flexibility for YOUR international marketing tasks In cooperation with/or separately from your marketing-/exportteam I can assist in the fast de- velopment and implementation of important marketing tasks. You profit by my international experience which is ? together with my ?marketing network? - at your disposal. The advantages: ? Flexible marketing capacity ? available for the marketing-/sales-/exportmanagement and its full range of respective tasks ? Systematic, speedy, and targeted support - for your international marketing projects ? Implementation and profit-orientated project work - (i. e. targeting your needs and those of your clientele !) ? No permanent load of your pay-roll, but flexible arrangement Especially the following tasks are perfectly suitable for my assistance in preparation and prac- tical implementation: ? Market- and country selection ? see link above - (definition: Market-/Marketingpriorities) ? Market assessment for the preparation of a market organization, i. e. selection of po- tential clients and/or all kinds of sales partners ? from ?direct clients? to licensees or cooperation partners, from ?simple? distributors to a perfect partnership ? Develop and implement export-, sales- and marketing strategies, market care concepts and much more ? if needed/requested also in your name ? Organization and examination of new and/or existing marketing structures ? Analyses of the marketing potential ? e. g. for the management of already existing marketing channels Preparation and implementation of international marketing tasks Preparation tasks ? Preparation and organization of international marketing projects, exhibitions and the like ? Market and country selection (portfolios) Market selection Procurement and evaluation of important market information (normally executed in 2 ? 3 steps: 1. = Evaluation of marketing-CDs which are available with and official databases accessible by me with several million European company profiles, 2. = Internet ? Evaluation of the available data banks ? especially from the different local organi- zations as well as further country information, 3. = partly partners from my international network) international_marketing_support page 1 of 3 ? Definition of market chances for you ?e. g. taking also into consideration technical needs ? Detailled market analyses (acc. to the parameters made available by you) Analyses of the potential Potential-analyses in order to manage and care for the sales channesl ? Calculation of market/sales potentials in key-/target markets (based on your existing experience with different sales channesl ? also hybrid marketing organizations = use of different sales channels parallely to one another, depending on the country/mentality referred to) ? Critical examination of the performance of existing marekting organizations resp. partners ? Definition of success potentials for sales targets for the various sales channels Evaluation and processing of the market information collected Marketing strategy as a preparation for the market entrance: ? Development of a consistent marketing strategy ? Review and/or adaptation of an existing marketing strategy Examples of a marketing and sales strategy to be defined ? Distribution strategy ? Organization and taking care of sales partners ? Marketing- and sales support/services ? Always >> maximum concentration on your clients ? and their ?final? clients !! Implementation of the strategies All proposals and solutions defined on the level of conceptual work can be implemeted under my project management ? or, if requested, by myself. Examples for implementation of marketing management projects ? Selection and evaluation of marketing/sales partners ? Organization of sales networks (if need be - including contractual agreements and de- finition of sales targets to be reached ? based on the analyses made above) ? Development of concepts for the management of sales partners ? Development of concepts in order to reach/care for clients ? based on the different European countries and their mentalities Basis of cooperation between us 1. My interntional Marketing- and sales experience 2. My business experience (see also above CV) 3. There exist different possibilities of cooperation between us: international_marketing_support page 2 of 3 ? Marketing assistance ?on demand? Depending on the task-structure we can agree on a few days per month ? also e. g. in order to accompany permanently your activities in Europe and developing new ideas/ways from time to time ? Cooperation in the frame of a defined project You call for my assistance on a project-by-project basis based on separate contracts ? Mixture of these two, including a ?success portion? For projects including an implementation portion (e. g. for the organization and implementation of a sales network - based on my suggestions) we can agree on a ?success portion? of the remune- ration. Reasons for a cooperation with me ? My international marketing and sales-knowledge ? is available immediately > speed, concentration on you/your clientele, targeted work, staying power ? is, although based on daily fees, less costly compared with a well-/internationally-trained employee ? offers additional ? flexible ? ressources which don?t load you pay-roll permanently, however, are reliable ? bases on permanently kept ?up-to-date?-marketing knowledge from international data sources, respective newsletters, etc. ? offers the above mentioned competence in international markets and the local mentalities ? provides worldwide references Please contact me for more details. Best regards Michael Richter Other: - Timely restricted marketing responsibility for European countries international_marketing_support page 3 of 3
Posted: 09 November 2011

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