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Last updated: 29 Jun 2011

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SOUTHERN BORDER LOGISTICS Optimizing Logistics in Mexico IMMEX, Bonded Warehouse and Trade Company Overview IMMEX Quick Description ? The main benefit of the IMMEX program is the ability to defer taxes on goods that are temporarily imported into Mexico ? 2 Main IMMEX Types: ? Industry ? Maquiladoras (Factory?s) producing for a majority of export product ? Services ? Declaration under IMMEX to import and store goods or materials tax free, for supporting IMMEX industry without inventory taxes ? For More Information visit: import-exports/f/business/pdf/Mexico/Logistics-Mexico-Low-Cost- Importation-with-IMMEX.html IMMEX/VMI Services Sale of Finished Final Customer or Foreign Company Goods W Designated Recipientorld Mexico Agreement for Manufacture of Export of Finished Temporary Importation goods Goods of materials Transfer of IMMEX Services m IMMEX Industry ?Manufacturing aterials as ?Transformation Certified Warehouse needed Certified Factory ?Repair ?Duty reduced ?No inventory tax ? Invoice from IMMEX Services Company to Foreign Company for importation and services rendered ? Invoice from IMMEX Industry to Foreign Company ? Invoice from Foreign Company to Final Customer or recipient of finished goods VMI/IMMEX Customer Case ? COMPANY: Inspection and Vision Parts and Machines; Germany, USA ? CHALLENGE: Support service contract agreements with reduced costs and overhead without a local business entity ? SOLUTION: SBL?s VMI/IMMEX Services to import, store, pick and deliver spare parts and machines without tax under the IMMEX de Servicio?s authorization. Tax free storage of machines in authorized office for demonstration and other purposes. VMI/IMMEX Customer Case ? RESULT: ? ZERO missed deliveries ? Minimal cost of operation through partnership: savings of 62% compared to operations budget ? increased ability to sell contracts with local, tax free inventory available ? CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Operations Manager Mexico: ?With SBL?s VMI Operations supporting our business, we are able to focus on our main competencies of sales and service free of worry for logistics and inventory management while closing all our invoices through our US offices.? Bonded Warehouse Quick Description ? A secure area authorized by government authorities where dutiable goods may be stored or manipulated without payment of duty ? Authorized Activities: ? Cleaning ? Labeling ? Sorting ? Re-Packing ? Activities short of Manufacturing ? Main Benefits: ? Delay of capital outlay for taxes/duties until withdrawn from warehouse ? Full or partial goods removal on as needed basis Bonded Warehouse Foreign Company World Mexico Export of merchandise, Importation of duty free Payment of goods merchandise, duty free Partial or Total Bonded Certified withdrawal from Customer Receipt of Warehouse warehouse and Product duties paid ?Labeling Activities ?Re-packaging ? Exporter remains owner of goods until the importer withdraws merchandise from bonded warehouse ? Duties paid on withdrawal same as if paid on date of storage ? Return or Exportation to origin or another country free of duties ? Facilities allowed in various locations under the same authorized bonded regimen Bonded Warehousing Customer Case ? COMPANY: Wood Panels and Products; USA ? CHALLENGE: Make new solutions available to explore new market penetration ? SOLUTION: SBL?s Bonded warehousing services to import and warehouse duty suspended product for local inventory as needed and customer approval before tax outlays Bonded Warehousing Customer Case ? RESULT: ? Ease of Importation ? Penetration and success into a new market without the non-value add capital expenditures normally required ? CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Mill Works and Specialty Panel Customer Care: ?We are extremely pleased with the services of SBL and how they have helped us through the importation process with our products. We are able to focus our capital on building our market base and have found huge success with this extra capability!? Trade Company Quick Description ? A Mexican authorized company allowed to import and sell direct in the Mexican market ? Benefits: ? Provide Mexican Official Invoices (Factura) ? No business entity required in Mexico ? Can be combined with other services (IMMEX, Bonded Warehousing?) ? Explore go to market strategies ? Return or send merchandise at any time ? For More Information visit: Trade Company Services Foreign Company World Mexico Purchase Agreement ?Sale? and Importation of merchandise ?Sale? and Transfer Certified Trade of merchandise Customer Receipt of Compan with official y Product ?factura? ?Storage Services ?Distribution Services ? Exporter invoices merchandise to trade company ? Trade company imports, stores and delivers according to direction from exporter ? Trade Company sells and invoices national customer with official Mexican invoices ? Customer pays to trade company, Foreign company invoices trade company for original sale, trade company invoices for services Trade Company Customer Case ? COMPANY: Used Machine and Services; USA, UK, Mexico ? CHALLENGE: Export purchased machine and parts in Mexico with unknown importation documentation and no official business entity in Mexico ? SOLUTION: SBL?s Trade company and USA certified C-TPAT importation services to export machine to USA Trade Company Customer Case ? RESULT: ? Merchandise exported and salvaged from total loss ? Flexibility in importation and exportation to meet case by case requirements ? CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Support Services Manager: ?One of the things with the used equipment business is that many times things just don?t seem to go down a normal road and it is clear that you will be able to come up with creative solutions for us.? SOUTHERN BORDER LOGISTICS Optimizing Logistics in Mexico ? Importation/Exportation ? Processing ? Mexican Customs Brokers ? Sorting ? Pick and Pack ? US Customs Brokers ? Labeling ? Freight Forwarding ? Delivery ? Storage ? Regimen Update/Modification ? IMMEX and Bonded Certified ? Distribution Proud Member Of:
Posted: 29 June 2011, last updated 29 June 2011

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