Zacatecas Aerospace Park

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Posted on: 6 Apr 2010

This brochure provides a short description of a new aerospace park intended for Aerospace Tier-2 suppliers desiring to establish in a highly cost competitive environment.

Vision Aerospace in Mexico has been booming in recent years due to the landing of major OEMs? investments. The current wave of investments in this industry is led by the Tier Suppliers. The ZacatecasAerospace Park has been conceived specifically for them. The Park Key Assets EFFICIENT HUB Strategically located for the efficient support of both MANUFACTURING FOCUSED the North American market and the main Mexico Aerospace Clusters. With its rapid access to the NAFTA Highway, the main The Zacatecas Aerospace Park has its commercial highway connecting to San Antonio (TX), focus on Manufacturing, a common Zacatecas can service most U.S. locations within 3 to activity to a wide range of Aerospace Tier 4 days. Zacatecas stands in the middle of Northern suppliers in aerostructures, aeroengines Mexico, providing a unique ability to service most and aerosystems. main Mexico industrial cities and aerospace clusters To make the Park a Manufacturing within the same day. Center of Excellence, the State of 241 miles (388 km) to Querétaro Zacatecas has created the Zacatecas 285 miles (458 km) to Monterrey Aerospace Center (CAZ); a technical school dedicated 379 miles (610 km) to Mexico Cityto develop and provide extensive public trade education 523 miles (842 km) to Chihuahua programs in CNC machining, fabrication, 574 miles (924 km) to U.S. border composites and other essential topics. A Zacatecas is easily accessed through the numerous free and long-term supply of qualified flights from Mexico City and the daily direct flights with personnel secures the long-term LosAngeles and Chicago. success of the investors. The location offers a highly competitive labor wage environment ideal for suppliers under great deal of cost pressure by the OEMs. The location is not subject to the labor market competition and inflation of COMPETITIVE other highly industrialized Mexican cities. LEASE RATES The park benefits from highly competitive lease rates through 2 distinctive advantages: land and infrastructure cost, and secondly, facility construction cost. Land and infrastructure have been contributed for free by the State of Zacatecas, thus providing a definite and significant contribution to lower lease rates. The investors also have the opportunity to obtain the lowest construction cost on their facilities through competitive bidding of their project on the market place. The process ensures optimum quality and lease rate. The Park Triumph Group, a leading aerospace Tier-2 supplier is the anchor tenant of the Park. The Park is located on the side of Zacatecas La Calera Airport. The Park covers 325 hectares. It offers all the necessary infrastructure: namely, water, natural gas, medium and low voltage electricity, voice and data lines, sewer and water treatment plant, fire protection system and all roads and lighting. The Park offers its clients multiple options for their Operational Startup Startup Assistance for a stand-alone operation Shelter Services CAZ offers a trained and qualified workforce Zacatecas California UNITED STATES OF AMERICA The State of Zacatecas is centrally Arizona New Mexico located in Northern Mexico. Zacatecas City, the state capital, Texas offers quality of life for foreigners. Its historic district is a jewel of colonial MEXICO architecture and is designated as a ATLANTIC Monterrey OCEAN UNESCO World Heritage site. ZACATECAS Mazatlan Tampico Port Port PACIFIC OCEAN Mexico City Main highways Five star hotels and restaurants abound in support to the ever growing local tourism. Cultural life is active in Zacatecas.Among other, the town has a late XIX century theater, an ultra-modern Convention Center and several museums and art galleries. The city has also two 9-hole golf courses and numerous sports complexes. Contact The Zacatecas Aerospace Park is an initiative of the Government of the State of Zacatecas. P U O R The Everest Group acts as an official agent to promote ZACATECAS the Zacatecas Aerospace Park. GOBIERNO DEL ESTADO Mexico International Patrick Rider ? President Luc Beaudoin ? VP Business Development Cell: +52 (442) 201 0186 Cell: +1 (514) 916 1720 Office: +52 (492) 147 1234 Office: +1 (514) 667 1534 Alameda 306, Centro, Montreal, Canada Zacatecas, C.P. 98000 E S R T E G V T H E E
Posted: 06 April 2010