Retail Foods Report for Poland

An Expert's View about Sales in Poland

Posted on: 26 Jan 2013

Poland’s food retailing sector continues to modernize as consumers income grow. The Euro crisis did not disrupt development of the Polish market; with gross domestic product currently at 4.3 percent.

THIS REPORT CONTAINS ASSESSMENTS OF COMMODITY AND TRADE ISSUES MADE BY USDA STAFF AND NOT NECESSARILY STATEMENTS OF OFFICIAL U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICY Required Report - public distribution Date: 12/24/2012 GAIN Report Number: PL1230 Poland Retail Foods Retail Foods Report for Poland Approved By: Michael Henney, Agricultural Attaché Prepared By: Marcin J. Rybarski, Student Intern; Jolanta Figurska, Agricultural Marketing Specialist Report Highlights: Poland’s food retailing sector continues to modernize as consumers income grow. The Euro crisis did not disrupt development of the Polish market; with gross domestic product currently at 4.3 percent, as it did the rest of Europe. Though convenience stores remain an important force on the Polish market, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and discount stores continue to grow in importance. Consumers are spending money to better their lifestyles. U.S product sales are often hampered by stiff competition from Poland and other EU countries. Section IV, “Best Prospects” lists opportunities for U.S. food products: wines, distilled spirits, seafood, prunes and cranberries etc. Chart 1. Gross Domestic Product growth of Poland (%) 6.79 7 6.23 6 5.34 5.13 5 4.35 3.87 3.90 4 3.62 3 Post: Warsaw 2 1.63 1.44 Executive Summary: Section I. Market Summary GENERAL INFORMATION The 1 Polish economy has grown rapidly since the late 1990s. Entering the European Union in 2004 was a great boost for the Polish economy. During peak of the global economic crisis, Poland retained Gross Domestic Product growth of 1.63 percent. In 2010 and 2011 GDP grew by 3.9 percent and 4.3 percent, respectively. 0 Source: The World Bank Despite the global crisis Poland maintained positive GDP growth. The European Commission forecasts Polish GDP to be the highest in the European Union in 2012 amounting to 2.5 percent. Polish Gross Domestic Product at Purchasing Power Parity per capita has also grown, rising from $18,925 in 2009 to $19,900 in 2010 and $21,281 in 2011. Chart 2. Gross Domestic Product growth in percent compared to countries of region – Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia. 7.00 2.00 Czech Republic Latvia Estonia Lithuania Poland -3.00 -8.00 Chart 3. Average Consumer Price Inflation in 2002 – 2011 in Poland -13.00 5 4.35 4.22 4.5 3.83 4 3.58 3.5 -18.00 2008 2009 2010 2011 3 2.71 2.39 2.5 2.11 1.90 Source: The World Bank 2 Consumer price inflation fluctuates at around 3pe1rcent a.nnu5ally. In 2009, it amounted to 3.83 percent, 1.11 in 2010 – 2.71 percent and in 2011 – 4.22 percent. The National Bank of Poland (NBP) expects consumer price inflation to total 4.8percent at the end of 2012. 0.79 0.5 0 Source: The World Bank The unemployment rate is relatively stable, dropping from 16.2 percent in 2006 to only 9.6 percent by the end of 2008. This decline is attributable to a combination of labor migration of Poles primarily to Great Britain, Spain, and Germany, and domestic labor opportunities associated with the activities connected with preparation to Soccer European Championship EURO 2012 (co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine). In 2009, 2010 and 2011, the unemployment rate increased slightly to 11 percent, 12.1 percent, and 12.4 percent respectively. Unemployment rate is forecasted to remain at a similar level in 2012. The Polish economic transformation of the 1990s into a free market has resulted in the significant development of retail trade. The domestic market experienced dynamic changes, resulting in increased competition in trade and production sectors. Polish companies trading in food fear competition as foreign competitors from inside of EU enter the market and assume leader positions. In 2010, the Portuguese company Jeronimo Martins, owner of Biedronka discount stores, took a lead with sales of Fast Moving Consumer Goods retailers. New market situations challenged Polish companies to create their own ways to attract, hold customers, and generate new ways of operating their business. Despite competition of companies-- primarily from Germany and France but also from the United Kingdom and Portugal – Polish retailers have a strong position on the market; Emperia Holding (Grupa Emperia) holds third post of biggest sales on the Polish retail market, overtaking both British Tesco and French Carrefour. Although Poland had 324,393 retail outlets in 2011, the total number of retail outlets has decreased by about 6 percent per year. The Polish Statistical Office noted that there were about 346,000 retail stores in 2010 and 371,839 in 2009. There is a clear decline in the number of retail outlets, with only 31,243 new registered stores in 2011, compared to the deregistration of 53,105 stores that same year. The decrease in number of stores was noted in almost in every branch of retail trade, comparing to the 2010. One exemption is branch of alcoholic beverages stores, which saw an increase of 2.1 percent. Market observation shows that the decline in the number of retail outlets is attributable to the growing role of supermarkets and hypermarkets. Polish retail trade is still very much fragmented, compared to that of Western Europe. This difference is due to Poland’s demographic structure; 38 mln people live in Poland, with about 39 percent (about 15mln) of the Polish population living in rural areas. People domiciled in cities represent 61 percent of the total inhabitants. RETAIL TRADE Current Challenges Over the last twenty years, the Polish retail sector has been developing rapidly. Due to stringent regulations limiting the freedom of retail trade passed in 2007 by the Polish Parliament, operating in this sector is far more challenging than just facing regular open market competition. The first of these regulations, approved by the Parliament on August 24th, 2007, pertains to the ban of trade in retail outlets on the following holidays: New Year (January 1st) Epiphany (January 6th) Easter (Easter Sunday and Monday) Labor Day (May 1st) Constitution Day (May 3rd) Pentecost Sunday (7th Sunday after Easter) Corpus Christi (9th Thursday after Easter) Assumption Day (August 15th) All Saints Day (November 1st) Polish Independence Day (November 11th) Christmas (December 25th and 26th) There are a total of 13 days listed in the regulation. On those days all of the hypermarkets, supermarkets, and medium stores must be closed. Only owners and contract employees can conduct sales during holidays in Poland. Gas stations and pharmacies are excluded from this regulation. Retail operators were concerned about this regulation; in previous years they had record sales on most of the days pointed out above. Many Polish consumers used to plan major shopping for holidays and many retail trade centers promoted special events and promotions well ahead of these holidays to attract crowds. The regulation moved trade, on those days, from huge shopping malls and hypermarkets to smaller, local stores operated by the owners. The current government is unlikely to repeal this regulation. It has been noted that there is an increase in purchases prior to the above-mentioned holidays, which seems to compensate for the obligatory shut down. The second regulation, called the ‘Large-Area Trade Regulation,’, was brought into force by the Polish Parliament on May 11th, 2007. This law limits the development and approval of already existing shopping centers and hypermarkets with a sales floor area above 400 square meters (4,305 square feet). The rule involved almost all shopping centers that were already in operation or were to be constructed in the future. The regulation prescribed that a special approval from local authorities was needed to build new stores or malls. On July 11, 2008, the Constitutional Tribunal of Republic of Poland stated this regulation as unconstitutional and repealed the Large-Area Trade Regulation. According to the Polish Organization of Trade and Distribution, whose members are the biggest retail stores in Poland, the regulation is no longer in force. However, there remain interpretative disputes over this law, with some corners arguing that the Constitutional Tribunal repealed only part of this law. Current business practice suggests that this former regulation is not taken into consideration in new business decisions. Table 1. Top Retailers on the Polish Market in 2011 (Considering yearly average exchange rate in 2011 1USD = 2.96PLN) No. Operators Nam et sales in Number of e Nam $ Ne m Headquarters illions stores Jeronimo Martins 1 D onka $8,534 ~ 1,900 Kostrzyn ystrybucja SA Biedr Metro Group w Real, 2 142 Warszawa Polsce Macro Cash&C $5,805arry 3 Tesco Polska Tesco, Tesco Extra $4,253 400 Warszawa C, IGA, 4 Grupa Eurocash SA AB Delik 3,369 4,711 Komorniki atesy Centrum $ Carrefour Carrefour, 5 Polska Sp. z o.O. E ~ 350 Warszawa xpress, 5 m $3,019inut Lewiatan Holding 6 wiatan $2,469 ~ 2,700 Włocławek SA Le Auchan Polska Sp. z Auchan, 7 o.o. Simply Ma $2,202 46 Piaseczno rket 8 Emperia Holding SA Stokrotka, Delima, Maro $2,132 ~ 7,000 Lublin Market, Społem Tychy 9 Grupa Muszkieterów Intermarché $1,418 170 Poznań No Net sales in Number of . Operators Name Nam $e m Headquarters illions stores PSH Nasz Sklep, 10 GK Specjał Delikatesy Sezam $1,347 2035 Rzeszów 11 Lidl Polska Lidl $1,310* 400* Jankowice Kolporter, Top-Press, Dobry 12 Kolporter SA W $1,230 870 Kielce ybor 13 RUCH SA Ruch $1,181 ~ 6,000 Warszawa 14 Selgros Sp. z o.o. Selgros Cash & Carry $1,145 15 Poznań POLOmarket Sp. z 15 POLOmarket $1,114 ~ 400 Pakość o.o. Żabka Polska Sp. z 16 Żabka $954 2,500+ Poznań o. o. 17 E.Leclerc Polska E.Leclerc $894 40 Warszawa 18 Netto Sp. z o.o. Netto $803 400 Motaniec Polska Grupa 19 Supermarketów Sp. Top Market, Delica, Minuta8 $510 300 Warszawa z o.o. 20 GK Eko Holding SA Eko $509 ~ 300 Wrocław GK Alma Market 21 Delikatesy Alma $480 34 Kraków SA 22 GK Bomi SA Delikatesy Bomi $479 1300 Gdynia PHUP Gniezno Sp. z 23 Sklep Polski $275 239 Gniezno o.o. 24 Piotr i Paweł SA Piotr i Paweł $251 86 Poznań Source: Polityka Magazine, Lista 500 Najwiekszych Firm. *2010 data Table 2. Proportion of shops according to ownership 2006 – 2010 Number including: Year Total Private Sector Of Stores Domestic Ownership Foreign Ownership 2010 346,058 100% 99.7% 96.2% 3.4% 2009 371,839 100% 99.7% 96.9% 2.6% 2008 395,736 100% 99.6% 97.4% 2.0% 2007 381,195 100% 99.6% 97.6% 1.8% 2006 405,617 100% 99.7% 98.0% 1.5% Source: Internal Market Reports 2010,2009,2008,2007 Retail sales in 2010 amounted to $196.5 billion dollars, increasing by 1.7 percent over 2009. Retail trade contributed to 17.1 percent of Polish Gross Domestic Product in 2010, compared with 16.7 percent of Polish GDP in 2009. The retail trade sector was the first sector of the Polish economy to be almost entirely privatized at the beginning of the transformation period. Non-food products sales are estimated to represent as much as 65.4percent of total retail sales in Poland in 2010, while food products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, dairy products together with sugars and confectionery and coffee, tea and cocoa contributed 26.9 percent of total retail sales that same year. Table 3. Structure of retail sales in shops and petrol stations by group of goods 2000 – 2010 Product\Year 2000 2005 2009 2010 Fruit and Vegetables 2.1% 2.4% 2.4% 2.5% Meat and meat products 5.9% 6.0% 5.6% 5.4% Fish and fish products 1.1% 1.0% 1.1% 1.1% Bread and cereal products 3.3% 3.4% 3.2% 2.9% Milk, eggs and cheese 2.9% 3.5% 3.4% 3.6% Sugar and confectionery 5.0% 3.8% 2.6% 2.1% Coffee, tea and cocoa 1.4% 1.6% 1.5% 1.3% Other foodstuff articles and non-alcoholic beverages 10.6% 8.1% 8.9% 8.0% Alcoholic beverages 6.5% 6.5% 5.2% 4.8% Tobacco 2.3% 2.4% 2.8% 2.9% Other non-food articles 58.9% 61.3% 63.3% 65.4% TOTAL 100% 100% 100% 100% Source: Polish Statistical Yearbook 2011(page 538, Table 3[466]) Table 4. Number of stores operating on the Polish market 2005 -2010 2005 2008 2009 2010 General foodstuffs 116,094 98,460 102,811 91,753 Fruit and vegetables 5,222 4,407 5,035 5,112 Meat 13,072 11,966 5,035 10,990 Fish 1,106 932 982 948 Baker’s and confectioner’s products 5,520 6,508 6,726 6,868 With alcoholic beverages 2,454 2,723 3,206 3,860 Other shops 252,608 270,740 251,143 236,130 Total Shops 385,990 385,663 371,839 346,058 Source: Internal Market Report 2010 – Rynek wewnetrzny 2010, 2009, 2006 – Table 11 The dominant tendency in Polish retail trade is for retailers to purchase directly from producers and domestic manufacturers.52.8 percent of all retailers do so, with only 31percent buying from wholesalers. Import purchases are increasingly important for trades, accounting for14.5percent of retail purchases. Similar trends are seen for foreign entities operating on the Polish market, with these retailers largely purchasing from Polish local producers in order to cater to the Polish domestic audience preference for Polish products. Even though the turnover of retail trade sector overall in 2010 increased by 6.5percent as compared with 2009, the turnover of retailers of food products specifically decreased by 1.4percent. Poland (together with Luxemburg) noted the biggest overall growth of retail trade turnover in 2010in the European Union. Table 5. Number of stores in Poland considering sales area in 2010 Square meters Number of stores Square feet equivalent Less than 99 m² 313,729 Less than 1,075 ft² 100 - 199 m² 13,908 1,076 - 2,152 ft² 200 - 299 m² 5,372 2,153 - 3,228 ft² 300 - 399 m² 3,123 3,229- 4,305 ft² 400 - 999 m² 6,950 4,305 -10,763 ft² 1,000 -1,999 m² 1,875 10,764 - 21,527 ft² 2,000 - 2,499 m² 244 21,527 - 26,909 ft² More than 2,500 m² 857 More than 26,909 ft² Source: Internal Market Report 2010 “Rynek Wewnetrzny 2010” There were 346,000 retail stores Poland in 2010 (6.9 percent less than in 2009); the vast majority is outlet points of 99 square meters or less. The year before there was about 341,00 such stores, in 2010 about 314,000. An increase in the number of stores in terms of area was only seen in stores with sales area of with between 200 and 299 square meters (5,372 in 2010 and 5100 in 2009) and those with sales are of between 300 and 399 square meters (3,123 in 2010 and 2943 in 2009). Graph 1. Number of stores in Poland considering sales area in 2010 Source: Internal Market Report 2010 “Rynek Wewnetrzny 2010” Even though the total number of retail stores in Poland is decreasing, hypermarkets and supermarkets are becoming more numerous. There were 420 more supermarkets in 2010 as compared with 2009. Additionally, there were 67 more hypermarkets in 2010 compared to 2009, equivalent to a 13.5percent increase in one year. Table 6. Number of big outlet stores in Poland 1995 – 2010 2000 2005 2008 2009 2010 Number of stores 431,991 385,990 385,663 371,839 346,058 Supermarkets 1,602 2,716 3,629 4,041 4,461 Hypermarkets 99 374 463 495 562 Source: Polish Statistical Yearbook 2011 The market also witnessed the increasing importance of retail chains or entities that operate more than single store. At the same time the number of smaller stores (e.g. family stores, called later “mom and pop’ stores) is constantly decreasing. Table 7. Companies by number of shops owned 2005 2008 2009 2010 1—2 stores 330,758 320,808 303,902 277,112 3—10 stores 4,792 5,329 5,231 5,278 11—20 stores 716 748 761 758 21—50 stores 270 319 339 320 51—100 stores 66 65 79 81 101—200 stores 20 34 36 38 201 and more stores 6 13 16 20 Source: Polish Statistical Yearbook 2011(page 539, Table 5[468]) The number of stores fully owned by foreign capital increased from 9,755 such stores in 2009 to 11,686 stores by the end of 2010. The share of stores entirely owned by foreign (not Polish) capital in the retail market increased to 3.4percent in 2010, from 2.6 percent the year before. At the end of 2012 Poland’s retail market saw largest change of market positioning of major players with Metro Group selling its retail operation – Real to Auchan. With this purchase Auchan became the largest retail operator in Poland. DELICATESSEN CHAINS Delicatessen shops are stores with top-quality foodstuffs. In Poland the two leading chains in this branch are Piotr I Pawel and Alma. These two retail chains captured a large market share by focusing on offering expensive but high quality products. Delicatessen stores offer important opportunities for foreign exporters because they propose a broad variety of foreign food products, from bread to spirits. The sector experienced some turbulence this past year as Bomi, one of the biggest Delicatessen chains, faced multimillion losses and, ultimately, bankruptcy in 2012; Bomi is now recovering from the crisis and operates on the market via franchising licenses. PRIVATE LABEL Private labels are product brands owned by retail chains. The objective of private labels is to offer low cost shopping by proposing the same products as known producers at a lower price. There is significant demand for such products in Poland, with every important player on the retail food market working to meet this demand. Expected Changes In the following year we can expect to see a continuation of current trends in the Polish retail food sector. The total number of retail stores in Poland has been decreasing in recent years, mostly due to falling number of small stores. At the same time, the number of hypermarkets and supermarkets is increasing, which shows that bigger markets are gaining against small outlets. On the other hand, there is a parallel trend to locate supermarkets and other smaller outlets in residential centers, thereby taking customers out of huge hypermarkets. The retail food sector reflects the health of the general economic situation, so we can expect that the current economic crisis will influence robustness of the retail trade. Continued global economic turbulence will encourage the growth of supermarkets, hypermarkets, as well as discount stores. The Polish retail food market leader – Jeronimo Martins, operator of Biedronka discount stores, plans to open its 3000th Biedronka store by the end of 2015 (in 2012 they opened their 2000th store). Biedronka will most likely maintain market dominance as leader of discount stores, but Lidl stores are already providing market competition. The popularity of discount stores will likely continue to rise in the future due to their focus on cheap prices, complemented by growing quality of their selection. A number of companies have taken advantage of the growing popularity of online grocery shopping. Bomi delicatessen, which went bankrupt in 2012, was one company proposing online shopping of food products. This has not discouraged companies like Tesco to start this activity as well. There are also many independent grocery stores not linked to supermarket chains that offer online services. IMPORT CONDITIONS Overall, Polish imports of agriculture, fish and forestry products from all over the world in 2011 amounted to $19.9 billion dollars, compared with $16.6 billion dollars the year before. This is an increase of about 20percent in imports of those products. Poland’s import of consumer-oriented agricultural goods in 2011 rose 12percent to $8.9 billion dollars, compared with $7.8 billion in 2010. Official American exports of agriculture, fish, and forestry products to Poland were valued at nearly $170 million dollars in 2011. The value of American products from this category amounts to 0.85percent of total Polish imports of agriculture, fish, and forestry products. In 2010 the value was slightly above $224 million dollars, while the share of Polish imports from the United States amounted to 1.35 percent, the year 2011 was worse in that matter, even though imports from all over the world had risen significantly. Direct export of consumer-oriented products from the United States in 2011 amounted to $47.8 million dollars, compared with $37.6 million dollars in 2010. In 2011, the share of total Polish imports of consumer-oriented products from the United States amounted to 0.55 percent. The largest proportion of American exports to Poland were seen in soybean oilcake, frozen fish and fish fillets, alcoholic beverages like wine or distilled spirits, tree nuts or dried fruits like prunes or cranberries. Due to customs-free borders and economic integration with other European Union members, these values under-report the quantity of U.S. goods available in Poland. Poland imports American hormone-free beef through Spain, distilled spirits through the UK etc. In short, transshipment of commodities is not taken into account in this data, but constitutes as much as an additional 25 percent of American exports to Poland e.g. in case of wine TABLE 8. IMPORT OF SOME FOOD PRODUCTS IN 2011 Total imports of D Share of US irect agri-food imports in D imports from Main Foreign escription HS code products by total P the USA* competitors oland imports ($) ($) (%) Norway, Germany, Frozen Fish 0303 215,939,069 17,296,742 8.01 Netherlands, Russia, China, Germany, Fish Fillets 0304 553,858,409 15,939,159 2.88 Iceland, Norway, Vietnam, Chile, Almonds 080212 28,522,724 7,245,916 25.40 Spain, Australia Netherlands, Spain Pistachios 080250 14,896,348 1,749,215 11.74 Germany, Slovakia D Iran, Germany, ried Grapes, R 080620 32,393,113 1,079,341 3.33 China, Chile, aisins Turkey Chile, France, Prunes 081320 17,397,774 4,098,659 23.56 Argentina, Germany Argentina, China Peanuts 1202 58,796,120 0 0.00 Netherlands, Brazil Vegetable Saps A Greece, Germany, nd Extracts Of 130212 4,363,815 1,891,302 43.34 Lic UK orice Muc Germany, China, ilage & T 130239 30,209,460 1,840,336 6.09 Denmark, hickeners Belgium, C Canada, Germany, ranberries 20089949 28,196,008 8,226,112 29.17 Netherlands Food Germany, Preparation 210690 451,243,244 16,079,849 3.56 Netherlands, Nesoi France, Italy, Germany, Italy, Wine 2204 232,739,178 3,722,209 1.6 France, Spain, Bulgaria, Chile, A Finland, UK, lcohol B 2208 194,268,231 9,017,072 4.64 Germany, France, everages Sweden Argentina, Soybean Oilcake 2304 823,194,166 32,818,590 3.99 Netherlands, Source: Global Trade Atlas Data *PLEASE NOTE: The above statistics report on direct U.S. export to Poland of agro-food products from the United States. Products, which are transshipped via other EU countries to Poland, are in most cases not included. In the case of wine the actual amount of EU transshipment accounts for as much as 25 percent of all wine imports. A similar situation can be seen with products such as dried fruit and nuts (e.g. peanuts), grapefruit, distilled spirits etc. Hence, there is greater export potential from the US to the Polish market than what one would glean from trade flow accounting data. In recent years, some categories of exported US products have not grown significantly due a number of factors, including the rapid development of local production, the global economic crisis, a fluctuating exchange rate that often makes US products too expensive for Polish importers, as well as extensive foreign investments in food processing and the food production sector in Poland. Foreign direct investment in Poland in 2010 was $9.7 billion (in 2009 it was almost $15bln). The vast majority of direct investments came from EU countries. The most numerous group were investors from Germany, with 389 such companies, while an additional 177 were the United States and 174 from the Netherlands. Companies from these three countries accounted for 46percent of all companies investing in Poland in 2011. A list of companies that have invested in the agri-food industry is included in the Attachment A. PLEASE NOTE: After Poland’s EU accession, Polish imports are subject to EU regulations. In some cases this led to improved access for U.S. products because tariffs on some products decreased, including for wine, bourbon, grapefruit, dried fruit, and nuts. Polish accession to the EU also led to the harmonization of many EU-wide food import regulations. In some cases, exports of products which had previously dominated U.S. commodity exports to Poland, such as poultry and beef, were eliminated entirely due to EU rules. Detailed information regarding export procedures applicable in the EU can be found at: PLEASE NOTE: After Poland’s EU accession, the EU’s external custom tariffs now apply to imports by Poland. Detailed information on the current customs tariff applicable in the EU is available at m Additional information on Poland specific regulation can be found in Report - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards –Poland – GAIN number PL1130 Table 9. Advantages and Challenges facing the US products in Poland Advantages Challenges Population of over 38mln people – Rapid development of local production (Supported by increasing demand for high-quality products foreign (also American) capital) American food products are considered to be Polish customers prefer to buy domestic products – of good quality manufactured in Poland Lack of certain products which are unavailable Products imported from the US are more expensive in Europe but can be imported from the US due to transportation costs, tariffs etc. Easier access to products from the USA thanks Fluctuating exchange rate of US Dollar to Polish Zloty to specialty stores like “Kuchnie Swiata” – cheap Dollar for Poles means less profit on US side, (World Cuisine) and inversely Interest in organic foods, the US is one of the European Union countries are better situated to biggest exporters export to Poland e.g. same regulations Experienced and increasingly reliable Strict regulations cover imported food importers Despite the global economic crisis, Poles did Farmers have a significant influence on government not decrease their demand for consumption policy considering import regulation Section II. Road map for market entry A. HYPERMARKETS, SUPERMARKETS, DELICATESSEN AND DISCOUNT STORES – ENTRY STRATEGY Graph 2. Entry Strategy- hypermarkets, supermarkets, delicatessen, discount stores The majority of retail chains operating on the Polish market does not conduct direct imports and rely on local importers and wholesalers to obtain products. In this segment, the successful introduction of new products depends to large extent on local representatives, importers, and distributors. Market Structure Products may be imported either by an importer or a representative office, which may also be a wholesaler and / or distributor; The representative office deals only with your product, and so pays much more attention to the promotion, advertising, and marketing activities than an importer who buys many, sometimes even competitive, products; Some supermarkets are direct importers (e.g. Alma Delicatessen Chains); Importers are distinctly separated into dry goods, refrigerated items, fruits and vegetables, alcohol, etc.; Importers or representative offices may use nation-wide logistic organizations for the storage and distribution of imported products; Importers also have their own distribution networks. Typical conditions for a supplier when entering foreign retail chains: Entry fees (amounting to tens of thousands of Polish zlotys), which are not paid back if the agreement is canceled; 30-60 day terms of payment; Considerable price discount - about 10percent of regular price; Obligatory participation in promotional activities, which are held 3-5 times a year and last for 1-3 weeks. Obligatory participation in covering the cost of advertising of promoted products; Slotting fees ($250-4,500) for placing each type of product on the shelf; Fees for the “display area”; No opportunity to influence the “shelf price” level; Very strict delivery terms (exact date and time frame e.g. March 2, 2008 12:00-14:00). Naturally, supplier contracts may vary from one to another and all clauses depend on negotiations of the interested parties. Table 10. Company Profiles of the most important retail chains in 2011 No. N Operators name, les Ownership Purchasing o. tore Typ $ Net sae of Store chain nam Se in mln Country agent type stores 1 Jeronimo Martins $8,534 1,900 D Portugal/ Direct, Importers, iscount Biedronka Netherlands Wholesalers store Metro Group w 2 2 Pols $5,805 14 ce Real Hypermarket G irect, Importers, erm Dany Ma Wholesalers cro Cash & Cash & Carry C arry 3 Tesco Polska $4,253 400 Tesco Hypermarket G Direct, Importers, reat Britain Wholesalers Tesco Extra Supermarket 4 Carrefour Polska $3,019 350 Carrefour Hypermarket Direct, Importers, France Carrefour Wholesalers Ma Supermarket rket Auchan Polska Sp. 5 $2,202 46 z o.o. Direct, Importers, France Auchan Hypermarket Wholesalers Simply Market Supermarket Grupa 6 Muszkieterów $1,418 170 Direct, Importers, France Wholesalers Intermarche Supermarket 7 Lidl Polska $1,310* 400* G Direct, Importers, unt ermany Lidl Disco Wholesalers store 8 Selgros Sp. z o.o. $1,145 15 G irect, Importers, Selgros Cash & Cash & erm Dany C Wholesalers arry Carry POLOmarket Sp. z 9 $1,114 400 o.o. Direct, Importers, Poland Wholesalers POLOmarket Supermarket 10 E.Leclerc Polska $894 40 Direct, Importers, France E.Leclerc Hypermarket Wholesalers Source: Polityka Magazine, Lista 500 Najwiekszych Firm. *2010 data It is important to note that discount stores such as Biedronka and Lidl have become very popular in Poland and gained a strong position on the Polish Market. Thanks to Biedronka stores, Jeronimo Martins leads in net sales rankings. Poles find discount stores very attractive because of the low prices made possible by their private labels (recognizable brands make the same products under unknown brands and sales to Biedronka), lack of design (no shelves), and a cheap labor force. Lidl’s strategy was to combine their discount store with delicatessens; their growing popularity is proof that this concept has worked. The Jeronimo Martins brand is now rethinking its strategy to compete more effectively with Lidl stores. So called “Cash & Carry” outlets maintain their important position on the market by offering an interesting mixture of large area hypermarket and wholesaler. Some of these operate solely as wholesalers and only serve small retailers. Others sell to individuals as well, under the condition that a minimum quantity of goods is purchased and one has member card owner A. CONVENIENCE STORES, GAS MARTS, KIOSKS – ENTRY STRATEGY There are two ways to place new products on shelves depending on the type of product. Either an exporter should use a representative for direct personal contact with the shops, or shop managers supply themselves from the wholesalers who may import the products. In this case goods should be available in several regional wholesale units, where smaller wholesalers and retailers collect them. They should furthermore be delivered to the cash and carry outlets Graph 3. Entry Strategy – Convenience Stores, Gas marts, Kiosks Company Profile – Convenience Stores, Gas marts, Kiosks Convenience stores, gas station marts, and kiosks are very fragmented sectors, with each retail outlet often having a different owner even within one chain or a brand due to franchising and licenses. The company Ruch, operator of about 6,000 newspaper kiosks in Poland, is a leader on the market, even though the great majority of products in those outlets are papers and magazines, snacks, drinks and other convenience products that take up increasingly greater shelf space. This sector usually consist of small units employing up to 5 people; Since Polish law do not obligate entities employing fewer than 5 people to deliver statistical information, it is difficult to illustrate in detail the market situation. There are about 10,000 petrol stations in Poland. The majority of these stations also offer gas marts, so the number of gas marts is strongly connected with number of petrol stations under certain brands. Polish refinery Orlen owns most of the petrol stations in Poland, with around 70 percent of gas marts in the country owned by Orlen. The remainder of the gas station market is controlled by the Polish Refinery “Lotos “and foreign companies including BP, Shell, Statoil, and Neste. Convenience stores in Poland are increasingly popular. The flagship of the sector, Zabka, has been on the market for about 10 years and now has over 2,000 stores operating on a franchising base, with other companies also investing in convenience stores. Eurocash, the company listed 4th of top retailers ranking in2011, is the owner of chain ABC convenience stores, which are located in rural areas (there are about 5,000 ABC stores). Carrefour, a hyper and supermarket chain, also noticed the trend and opened smaller format stores for fast shopping of most basic products integrated into their hypermarkets. Table 1 of this report (Top retailers on the Polish Market) shows that 9 of 24 companies listed run some chain of convenience store. In 2010, there were 313,729 stores of area below 99 square meters (less than 1,075 f 3t ); included in this group of stores are both convenience stores and so-called “Mom and Pop” stores. A. TRADITIONAL MARKETS – “MOM AND POP” – SMALL INDEPENDENT GROCERY STORES AND FARMER’S MARKETS – ENTRY STRATEGY Shops representing traditional markets usually purchase their supplies from wholesale units located close to the shop. Therefore, it is important for the entity dealing with the import of goods to have an extensive distribution system, and access to different wholesalers (including cash and carry) all over the country. Graph 4. Entry Strategy – Traditional markets – “Mom and Pop” small independent grocery stores and farmer’s markets Company Profile – Traditional markets – “Mom and Pop” small independent grocery stores and farmer’s markets “Mom and Pop” shops are very common in Poland. They are currently facing growing competition from supermarkets, which are opening in cities and towns. “Mom and Pop” shops are present throughout the county, and are not limited to small towns and villages, being very popular in large Polish cities. Little independent stores often lose competition to big foreign supermarkets and hypermarkets chains. The Polish Parliament regulation from August 24th, 2007 (already mentioned in section I of this report, concerning current challenges) protects these small independent shops, because only stores run by the owner may work on those 13 holidays, during which time hypermarkets and all bigger stores are closed. Traditional Markets vary significantly in size and facilities. In 2010 there were 2,235 registered regular traditional markets. Additionally there were about 7,000 seasonal traditional markets. Usually they consist of open air and/or kiosk facilities in an area of 200-400m2 (2,150 – 4,305 square feet). SECTION III. COMPETITION Domestic producers and exporters from the European union (mainly Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Finland, and the Netherlands, which make up 50percent of total Polish food imports) are the main competitors for American food exporters. Dynamic development, by Polish producers and foreign investors in the Polish food industry, has resulted in an increased variety high quality product being produced locally. Even classic American products like chewing gum, Coca-Cola or Pepsi are produced in Poland. It should also be noted that Polish customers prefer Polish products over imported ones, influencing shoppers to purchase products made in Poland. Many chains advertise the fact that they offer Polish vegetables or other products to increase sales. SECTION IV. BEST PRODUCT PROSPECTS US PRODUCTS PRESENT ON THE MARKET, WHICH HAVE GOOD SALES POTENTIAL Sales of the following products imported from the United States continue to grow: Wine; Dried Fruit (Cranberries, Prunes, Raisins); Nuts (Almonds, Peanuts, Pistachios); Seafood, fishes (Salmon, Butterfish, Herring, Mackerel, Black cod); Distilled spirits (Bourbon, Rum); Grapefruit (Red ruby); Food consisting of many ingredients, highly processed, convenient and i.e. ready to cook products (on limited basis). All of these products are known to Polish customers. The demand for them varies according to wealth levels. Many similar products are produced in Poland with use of important ingredients. Table 11. Products present in the market with good sales potential 2011 2011 Key P Import roduct M Market arket 2011 Imports 2011/'10 Co Market nstraints Ca size in attractiveness tegory size in US$ Cha Tariff nge Vo US$ Ra over market te* for USA lume m development illions Price F 387,138 EU competition Growing ish T 140 1,394,872,694 +2.37% ons tariff* from local and Market EU producers Lack of Consumer Alm 5,879 wing onds T 30 28,522,724 +34.38% 0-2% Fast gro knowledge, ons market Spanish Competition Competition from Germany, P 1,592 Netherlands - Decreasing istachios 96,348 T 15 14,8 -7.68% 1.60% ons transshipment Market through those countries Drie Competition d G 15,906 from Iran, Growing rapes, 93,113 +11.15% 2.40% Ra T 33 32,3 ons Germany, Market isins China Lack of P 8,774 Growing runes 397,774 T 18 17, +18.48% 9.6% consumer ons Market knowledge Cra 36,322 Competition Growing nberries 9 T 45 43,608,49 +25.87% 11.0% ons from Canadian Market cranberries Strong position Good reputation of Wine 97,129,412 EU of French, L 260 232,739,178 +14.07% Italian, Californian iters tariff* Bulgarian, wine, Growing German Wines market Dis Strong position Growing tilled 17,397,558 Spirits L 194,268,231 +15.70% EU of local and EU Market, High PA* 195* tariff* suppliers Consumption Lack of Soybean 1,908,157 rowing O 823,194,166 +3.13% 0% consum G er ilcake T 824ons Market knowledge *Please refer to EU duty rate available at ** LPA – Liters of Pure Alcohol SECTION V. POST CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION If you have any questions or comments regarding this report or need assistance exporting to Poland, please contact the Office of Agricultural Affairs in Warsaw at the following address: American Embassy Foreign Agricultural Service Jolanta Figurska, Marketing Specialist Al. Ujazdowskie 29/31 00-540 Warsaw, Poland Phone number: +48 22 504 23 24 Fax Number +48 22 504 23 20 E-mail: Website: Please visit the Foreign Agricultural Service home page ( for more information about exporting U.S. food products to Poland, including “The Exporter Guide”, “The HRI Food Service Sector Report”, product briefs on the market potential for the U.S. wine, dried fruit and nuts. Importer lists are available from our office to exporters of U.S. food products For more information on exporting U.S agricultural products to other countries please visit the Foreign Agricultural Service home page: GLOSSARY Convenience stores – Small-format chain stores open at least 11 hours a day, with a basic range of groceries, alcohol, cigarettes and newspapers/magazines Delicatessen – Stores with extended premium range, targeting medium- and high-income customers. Discount stores, discounters – Grocery or mixed grocery and non-food stores around 1,000 m2 in size, chiefly foodstuffs, often under the retailer's own private label or produced exclusively for the retailer. Prices are on average 15-30percent lower than the market averages. FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods: a group of products sold quickly at a relatively low cost, usually referring to food (excluding fresh food) and cosmetics/toiletry items. Franchising system – Refers to the methods of practicing and using another person's business model. The parties signing a franchising agreement remain totally independent of each other. Both the outlet and the goods (which are frequently supplied by the franchisor) belong to the franchisee. The franchisee purchases goods and services on its own behalf and account; the complete sales revenue belongs to the franchisee, which pays periodic franchise fees to the franchisor. Hypermarkets – Mixed grocery and non-food stores over 2,500 m2 in size, offering numerous items, around 50percentof which are foodstuffs. Private labels – (own brands) Products that were manufactured on commission from retail chain, which are only available in the chain's stores and are owned by the chain. Supermarkets – Mixed grocery and non-food or grocery-only stores 300-2,500 m2 in size, at least some 70percent of which are foodstuffs. ATTACHMENT A LARGEST FOREIGN INVESTMENT PROJECTS IN POLISH FOOD-PROCESSING AND TOBACCO INDUSTRIES IN 2011 A large proportion of the flow of direct investments came from European Union member countries. The largest EU investors in Poland were Germany, France, Netherlands, and Great Britain. Beyond the European Union, the biggest investments came from the United States of America, South Korea, Russia Switzerland, and Norway. The following list is in alphabetical order of country of registration. untry of ivities Activities Company Investor nam Coe Co Actuntry of origin registration (PKD) (class) name Manufacture of BRAU UNION food, drinks M Grupa Żywiec S.A. anufacture of AG Austria Netherlands Browar w Leżajsku - and tobacco beverages Leżajsk products Manufacture of food, drinks Manufacture of Browar Van Pur S.A. Pura Siegfried Austria Germany and tobacco beverages - Rakszawa products Manufacture of Manufacture of Do food, drinks Dossche Sp. z o. o. - ssche Belgium Belgium prepared animal and tobacco Kalisz feeds products Manufacture of Processing and M food, drinks preserving of Materne-Polska Sp. z aterne-Confilux S.A. Belgium Belgium and tobacco fruit and o. o. - Wąwolnica products vegetables Manufacture of Chapman Ice Cream Ch food, drinks Manufacture of apman Ice Cream Canada Canada Poland Sp. z o. o. - and tobacco dairy products Poznań products Manufacture of Manufacture of food, drinks Podravka Polska Sp. Podravka d.d. Croatia Croatia other food and tobacco z o. o. - Warszawa products products Manufacture of Ko Czech food, drinks Manufacture of Kofola Sp. z o. o. - fola a.s. Re Czech Republic public and tobacco beverages Kutno products Manufacture of Processing and A Espersen Polska Sp. .Espersen A/S Denmark Denmark food, drinks preserving of z o. o. - Koszalin and tobacco fish and fish products products M Production, anufacture of processing and Quality Meat Food A drinks nadolu Kod ApS De food,nmark Denmark preserving of Sp. z o.o. Ana Food - and tobacco meat and meat Polska - Błonie products products Manufacture of ARLA food, drinks Manufacture of Arla Foods Sp. z o. o. FOODS AmbA Denmark Denmark and tobacco dairy products - Gościno products Carlsberg Polska Oddzial Kasztelaan w Sierpcu - Goleszyn Carlsberg Polska M S.A. - Warszawa anufacture of Carlsberg Polska SA Ca food, drinks Manufacture of rlsberg Breweries A/S Denmark Denmark Browar OKOCIM - and tobacco beverages Brzesko Carlsberg products Polska Sp. z o.o. - Warszawa Carlsberg Polska SA, Oddział Bosman Browar Szczecin - Szczecin Manufacture of Manufacture of Da Dan Cake Sp. z o. o. n Cake A/S Denmark Denm food, drinks ark other food and tobacco - Chrzanów products products Manufacture of Danish Brewery Group food, drinks Manufacture of Faxe Polska Sp.z.o.o. A Denmark Denmark /S and tobacco beverages - Poznań products Manufacture of Manufacture of Da food, drinks Dania Fast Food Sp. nish Fast Food Denmark Denmark other food and tobacco z o. o. - Warszawa products products Manufacture of Ho Manufacture of Scandinavian use of Prince Denmark food, drinks A Denmark Denmark tobacco Tobacco S.A. - /S and tobacco products Myślenice products Manufacture of Production, Investeringsfonden for food, drinks processing and Prime Food Sp. z o. Os Denmark Denmark tlandene and tobacco preserving of o. - Przechlewo products meat products Manufacture of Manufacture of M food, drinks errild Cafe Denmark Denmark other food Prima S.A. - Poznań and tobacco products products Manufacture of Processing and N.ORSKOV food, drinks preserving of AGROFREEZE S.A. CHRISTENSEN A Denmark Denmark /S and tobacco fruit and - Czaplinek products vegetables Manufacture of Production, food, drinks processing and Prime Food Sp. z o. and tobacco preserving of Polen Invest A/S Denmark Denmark products m o. - Przechlewo eat and meat Ag Poldanor S.A. - riculture, products PRZECHLEWO hunting and Farming of forestry animals ROYAL Manufacture of Processing and Royal Greenland GREENLAND ark Denmark food, drinks preserving of Seafood sp. z o.o. - SEAFOOD A Denm/S and tobacco fish and fish Koszalin products products Sokołów S.A. - M Production, anufacture of Sokołów Podlaski processing and Saturn Nordic Holding food, drinks Sokołów S.A. - AB Denmark Sweden preserving of and tobacco m Oddział Zakłady eat and meat products Mięsne Jarosław - products Jarosław Manufacture of Manufacture of Lantmännen Axa food, drinks Schulstad Brod A/S Denmark Denmark other food Poland Sp. z o.o. - and tobacco products Poznań products Manufacture of Manufacture of Stora Enso Poland pulp and paper, articles of paper S.A. - Ostrołęka No publishing and and paperboard rdic Environment Prime Food Sp. z o. printing Production, Finance Corporation Finland Finland M o. - Przechlewo anufacture of processing and (NEFCO) Foster Wheeler food, drinks preserving of and tobacco m Energia Polska Sp. z eat and meat o.o. - Sosnowiec products products Manufacture of Manufacture of Ra food, drinks vegetable and Raisio Polska Foods isio Group Finland Finland and tobacco animal oils and Sp. z o. o. - Karczew products fats Manufacture of Ba Manufacture of rry Callebaut France food, drinks Barry Callebaut Sp. z rance Switzerland other food S.A F. and tobacco o. o. - Łódź products products Fabryka Wódek Polmos Łańcut S.A. - M Łańcut Destylernia anufacture of Polmos w Krakowie BELVEDERE food, drinks Manufacture of S.A. France France S. A. - Kraków and tobacco beverages Destylarnia Sobieski products S. A. - STAROGARD GDAŃSKI Manufacture of Processing and Bonduelle Polska Bo food, drinks preserving of Zakład produkcyjny nduelle France France and tobacco fruit and Gniewkowo - products vegetables Gniewkowo Manufacture of Bo food, drinks Manufacture of Mleczarnia ngrain France France and tobacco dairy products Turek - Turek products M Danone Polska Sp. z anufacture of Manufacture of o. o. - Warszawa BSN G food, drinks ervais Danone France France other food Bakoma S.A. - and tobacco products Warszawa Zorina Sp. products z.o.o. - Kutno Manufacture of Manufacture of Zakłady Tłuszczowe Bu food, drinks vegetable and nge Investment France France France Kruszwica S.A. - and tobacco animal oils and Kruszwica products fats M Manufacture of anufacture of DELIFRANCE grain mill De food, drinks POLSKA lifrance France France products, and tobacco LOGISTICS SP. Z starches and products O.O. - Słubice starch products Manufacture of Manufacture of G PPC Gryf S.A. - roupe CEMOI France France food, drinks other food Szczecin and tobacco products products Manufacture of Polser Sp. z o. o. - LACTAL food, drinks Manufacture of Siemiatycze Lactalis IS France France and tobacco dairy products Polska Sp. z o.o. - products Warszawa M Production, anufacture of processing and LDC food, drinks France France preserving of Drosed S.A. - Siedlce and tobacco meat and meat products products Manufacture of Manufacture of L food, drinks Lesaffre Polska S.A. esaffre Group France France other food and tobacco - Wołczyn products products Manufacture of Słodownia Soufflet M food, drinks Manufacture of alteries Soufflet S.A. France France Polska Sp. z o. o. - and tobacco beverages Poznań products Manufacture of Manufacture of M food, drinks DANUTA S.A. - ichel Marbot France France other food and tobacco Wrocław products products Manufacture of food, drinks Processing and and tobacco preserving of Wyborowa S.A. - products fruit and Poznań Agros Pernod Ricard S.A France France Manufacture of vegetables Holding S.A. - food, drinks Manufacture of Warszawa and tobacco beverages products M Provimi-Rolimpex anufacture of Manufacture of S.A. - Warszawa food, drinks Provimi Holding BV France France prepared animal Provimi-Rolimpex and tobacco feeds Odział Jarosław S.A. products - Jarosław Manufacture of Manufacture of Śląska Spółka Saint Louis Sucre food, drinks e France other food Cukrowa S.A. - International S.A Franc.S. and tobacco products Wrocław products Manufacture of Manufacture of food, drinks Altadis Polska S.A. - Seita France France tobacco and tobacco Radom products products The Lorenz Bahlsen Manufacture of M Snack - World Sp. z anufacture of Ba inks o. o. - Sady Bahlsen hlsen Germ food, drany Germany other food and tobacco Sweet Sp. z o.o. - products products Skawina Bahlsen Sp. z o. o. - Skawina Manufacture of Processing and O.K.-Owocowe Ba food, drinks preserving of uer Peter Germany Germany Koncentraty Sp. z o. and tobacco fruit and o. - Przeworsk products vegetables Manufacture of Processing and Binder International Bin food, drinks preserving of der International Germany Germany Warszawa Sp. z o. o. and tobacco fruit and - Warszawa products vegetables Manufacture of Brit Manufacture of British - American ish American food, drinks T rmany UK/USA tobacco Tobacco Polska S.A. obacco GmbH Ge and tobacco products - Augustów products Manufacture of De food, drinks Manufacture of Polski Bank Rozwoju utsche Investitions und En and tobacco beverages S.A - Warszawa twicklungsgesellschaft Germany Germany Gm products Monetary Baltic Malt Sp. z o. bH Financial intermediation o. - Gdańsk intermediation Manufacture of Dr A M Dr. Oetker Dekor - anufacture of ugust Oetker food, drinks Płock Dr Oetker Na y Germany other food hrunghittel K. G German. and tobacco Polska Sp. z o. o. - products products Gdańsk Manufacture of Processing and Eckes-Granini Int. Germany G food, drinks preserving of Aronia S.A. - ermany and tobacco fruit and Łęczyca products vegetables Manufacture of Manufacture of food, drinks SNP Uśnice Sp. z o. FMB - GMBH.CO.KG Germany Germany prepared animal and tobacco o. - UM feeds products M Manufacture of anufacture of Gdańskie Młyny i grain mill food, drinks Spichlerze Dr. Franz Cordesmeyer Germany Germany products, and tobacco Cordesmeyer Sp. z o. starches and products o. - Gdańsk starch products Manufacture of Friedrich Weissheimer food, drinks Manufacture of Baltic Malt Sp. z o. M Germany Germany altzfabrik KG and tobacco beverages o. - Gdańsk products Manufacture of Processing and food, drinks preserving of Frosta Sp. z o. o. - Frosta AG Germany Germany and tobacco fruit and Bydgoszcz products vegetables Ha M Production, anufacture of ns Hoell processing and Hoell-Pol Zakład food, drinks Fleischwarenfabrik AG, Germany Germany preserving of Mięsny Sp. z o. o. - Co and tobacco KG meat and meat Kaszczor products products M Manufacture of anufacture of Gdańskie Młyny i grain mill Hem food, drinks Spichlerze Dr. elter Muhle GmbH Germany Germany products, and tobacco Cordesmeyer Sp. z o. starches and products o. - Gdańsk starch products Manufacture of He food, drinks M Toruńskie Piwnice anufacture of nkell&Sohnlein KG Germany Germany Win Vinpol Sp. z o. and tobacco beverages o. - Toruń products Manufacture of Ho food, drinks Manufacture of Hochland Polska Sp. chland AG Germany Germany and tobacco dairy products z o. o. - Kaźmierz products Hohenstaufen Manufacture of Processing and Neunundvierzigste ood, drinks preserving of Mc Cain Poland Sp. V Germany Germany/Can f ada ermogensverwaltung and tobacco fruit and z o. o. - Strzelin GmbH products vegetables Manufacture of Intersnack Knabber Manufacture of Gebaeck GmbH & Co. G food, drinks Polsnack Sp. z o. o. - ermany Germany other food K.G and tobacco Warszawa . products products Ka Manufacture of Production, rl Konecke Fleischwarenfabrik G food, drinks processing and Konecke Sp. z o. o. - ermany Germany Gm and tobacco preserving of Słubice bH & Co. KG products meat and meat products Manufacture of M Kruger Polska Sp. z anufacture of Kru food, drinks o. o. Kruger Polska ger GmbH Germany Germany other food and tobacco Handel i Eksport Sp. products products z o. o. - Warszawa M Production, anufacture of processing and L food, drinks Drobimex Sp. z o. o. ohmann AG Germany Germany preserving of and tobacco m - Szczecin eat and meat products products Manufacture of Processing and TRULLER L food, drinks preserving of orenz Snack - World Germany Germany POLAND sp. z o.o. - and tobacco fruit and Nysa products vegetables Manufacture of Manufacture of L food, drinks Ludwig Czekolada udwig Schockolade Germany Germany other food and tobacco Sp. z o. o. - Tuczno products products M Zakład Przetwórstwa anufacture of Processing and Owoców-Chłodnia MA preserving of INFRUCHT GMBH Germany Germ food, drinks any POMERANIA and tobacco fruit and FRUCHT Sp. z o.o. - products vegetables Połczyn Zdrój NORDISCHE Manufacture of Manufacture of Nordische Futterfette FUTTERFETTE ood, drinks vegetable and CARROUX G f ermany Germany Carroux Polska Sp. z GMBH & and tobacco animal oils and CO. HANDEL o.o. - Stepnica S KG products fats M Production, anufacture of OSI processing and Esca Food Solutions International food, drinks Ho Germany USA preserving of Sp. z o. o. - lding GmbH and tobacco meat and meat Warszawa products products M Production, anufacture of processing and Paul Wesjohann & Co. food, drinks Drobimex Sp. z o. o. Gm ermany Germany preserving of bH G and tobacco m - Szczecin eat and meat products products M Pfeifer und Langen anufacture of Manufacture of Marketing Sp. z o. o. food, drinks Pfeifer und Langen Germany Germany other food - Gostyń Pfeifer & and tobacco products Langen Polska S.A. - products Poznań Manufacture of Manufacture of HaGe Polska Sp. z Ra food, drinks iffeisen HaGe Germany Germany prepared animal o.o. - Osielsko (near and tobacco feeds Bydgoszcz) products M Production, anufacture of processing and food, drinks Saria Małopolska Sp. Saria Bi Germany Germany preserving of and tobacco mea z o.o. - Przewrotne t and meat products products Manufacture of food, drinks M Schoeller Artykuły anufacture of Schoeller Germany Germany Spożywcze Sp. z o. and tobacco dairy products o. - Namysłów products Manufacture of Manufacture of food, drinks Magnolia sp. z o.o. - STENGER Germany Germany other food and tobacco Lubsko, products products Sudzucker AG Germany Germany Manufacture of Manufacture of Sudzucker Polska food, drinks other food Group - Warszawa and tobacco products Südzucker Polska - products Cukrownia Strzyżów - Strzyżów Cukrownia Ropczyce S.A. - Ropczyce Cukier Małopolski S.A. - Kazimierza Wielka Sudzücker Polska - Polska Cerekiew Cukrownia Przeworsk S.A. - Manufacture of T Manufacture of Tchibo Warszawa chibo Frisch Rost food, drinks Ka y other food Sp. z o. o. - ffee Gm ermany GermanbH G and tobacco products Warszawa products Manufacture of MALT T food, drinks M GLOBAL anufacture of IVOLI MALZ GmbH Germany Germany POLSKA - and tobacco beverages Bydgoszcz products M Manufacture of anufacture of grain mill VK M food, drinks Diamant Stradunia - ühlen AG Germany Germany products, and tobacco Walce starches and products starch products Manufacture of Processing and Zen Zentis Polska Sp. z o. tis GmbH Co food, drinks .KO Germany Germany preserving of and tobacco o. - Żelków Kolonia fruit and Veg. products Manufacture of Zo food, drinks Manufacture of Zott Polska Sp. z o. tt GmbH&Co KG Germany Germany and tobacco dairy products o. - Opole products CC HBC M Coca-Cola Poland anufacture of (Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling G food, drinks M Services Sp. z o. o. - anufacture of reece USA Warszawa Coca Cola Com and tobacco beverages pany) HBC Polska Sp. z o. products o. - Warszawa Manufacture of Manufacture of CHIPITA POLAND Ch food, drinks ipita Greece Greece other food Sp. z o.o. - and tobacco products Warszawa products Manufacture of Processing and G food, drinks preserving of Globus Polska Sp. z lobus Hungary Hungary and tobacco fruit and o.o. - Lipno products vegetables Manufacture of Manufacture of He food, drinks Fantasy Foods Sp. z risson Ltd Ireland Canada other food and tobacco o. o. - Kobyłka products products Manufacture of Manufacture of food, drinks Ferrero Polska Sp. z Ferrero Group Italy Italy other food and tobacco o. o. - Warszawa products products M Production, FIM Sp. z o. o. - anufacture of processing and Warszawa Zakłady food, drinks preserving of Mięsne PFM and tobacco Fortrade Financing SPA Italy Italy meat and meat Stanisławów - products products Other Stanisławów Financial financial Fortrade Leasing intermediation intermediation S.A. - Katowice Dolina Łąk Sp. z o. o. - Małaszewicze Manufacture of Processing and Frubella Processing G food, drinks preserving of IF SRL. Italy Italy Sp. z o. o. - and tobacco fruit and Białobrzegi products vegetables Manufacture of Manufacture of food, drinks Inda Czekolada Sp. z Indafin Srl Italy Italy other food and tobacco o. o. - Skoczów products products Manufacture of Processing and Societe Europeenne De food, drinks preserving of Konserwa Polska Sp. Co Italy Italy nserve S.A. and tobacco fruit and z o. o. - Łódź products vegetables Manufacture of Europar-Ven Company food, drinks Manufacture of Eurovita Sp. z o. o. - Estab iechtenstein Liechtenstein lishm Lent and tobacco beverages Poznań products Manufacture of T Manufacture of erravita Holding food, drinks Terravita Sp. z o. o. - Estab Liechtenstein Liechtenstein other food lishment and tobacco Poznań products products Manufacture of Manufacture of NO-PO POLAND "NO-PO" food, drinks AS Norway Norway other food Sp. z o.o. - and tobacco products Międzyzdroje products Manufacture of Processing and Kotlin Sp. z o. o. - Ork food, drinks preserving of la Foods A.S. Norway Norway Warszawa Elbro Sp. and tobacco fruit and z o. o. - Warszawa products vegetables Manufacture of Manufacture of Rieb food, drinks Rieber Foods Polska er and Son ASA Norway Norway other food and tobacco S.A. - Włocławek products products Manufacture of Manufacture of Ba food, drinks Śnieżka S.A. - gdasarian Russia Russia other food and tobacco Lubzina products products Manufacture of Processing and INDUSTRIAS food, drinks preserving of Domat sp. z o.o. - QU IMICAS NABER pain SpainSA S and tobacco fruit and Bydgoszcz products vegetables Manufacture of Processing and ABBA preserving of Superfish S.A. - Seafood AB Sw food, drinks eden Sweden and tobacco fish and fish Ustronie Morskie products products M POLARICA anufacture of Processing and POLAND - WIEŚ food, drinks preserving of POLARICA AB Sweden Sweden NIEMIERZYNO and tobacco fruit and Polfrys Sp. z o. o. - products vegetables Świdwin Manufacture of V V&S Luksusowa S VIN SPRIT food, drinks Manufacture of AKT en Sweden Zielona Góra S.A. - IEBOLAG Swed and tobacco beverages Zielona Góra products M Lubuska Wytwórnia anufacture of Wódek V food, drinks Manufacture of in & Spirit AB Sweden Sweden Gatunkowych and tobacco beverages Polmos - Zielona products Góra M Manufacture of anufacture of CEREAL grain mill Cereal Partners PARTNERS food, drinks WORLW land Switzerland products, Poland Toruń-Pacific IDE ( CPW Switzer ) and tobacco starches and Sp. z o.o. - TORUŃ products starch products Manufacture of Processing and Finagrain Compagnie ANIMEX - Opolskie Comm food, drinks preserving of erciale Agricole et Switzerland Switzerland Zakłady Drobiarskie and tobacco fish and fish Financiere S.A. - Opole products products Manufacture of Manufacture of Hiestandt Polska Sp. Hie food, drinks stand Holding AG Switzerland Switzerland other food z o. o. - Grodzisk and tobacco products Mazowiecki products Manufacture of Manufacture of Ho food, drinks Wawel Spółka sta International AG Switzerland Switzerland other food and tobacco Akcyjna - Kraków products products Manufacture of food, drinks Manufacture of and tobacco Nestle Polska S.A. - other food Ne products Warszawa Alima - stle S.A. Switzerland Switzerland M products anufacture of M Gerber S.A. - anufacture of food, drinks Warszawa beverages and tobacco products Manufacture of Processing and Farm Frities Poland CEPV food, drinks preserving of S.A. - Lębork Farm Netherlands Netherlands and tobacco fruit and Frites Poland Dwa products vegetables Sp. z o. o. - Damnica Manufacture of Manufacture of CSM food, drinks Leaf Poland Sp. z o. NV Netherlands Netherlands other food and tobacco o. - Warszawa products products Health and social work Human health Zakład Leczniczy East Springs International Manufacture of activities Uzdrowisko NV Netherlands Switzerland food, drinks Manufacture of Nałęczów S.A. - and tobacco beverages Nałęczów products Manufacture of Ha food, drinks Manufacture of Grupa Żywiec S.A. - rbin B.V. Netherlands Netherlands and tobacco beverages Warszawa products M Grupa Żywiec anufacture of He browar w Żywcu ineken International od, drinks Manufacture of B.V Ne fo therlands Netherlands S.A. - Żywiec Grupa . and tobacco beverages Żywiec S.A. - products Warszawa M Production, anufacture of processing and Agro Bor Louisa Sp. food, drinks Johan van Leendert B.V. Netherlands Netherlands preserving of z o.o. - Kostrzyn nad and tobacco meat and meat Odrą products products Manufacture of Processing and McLean Brothers Na food, drinks preserving of tel Investment BV Netherlands Netherlands Poland Sp. z o. o. - and tobacco fish and fish SZCZECIN products products Manufacture of Nu M Trouw Nutrition anufacture of treco International food, drinks Polska Sp. z o. o. - B.V Netherlands Netherlands prepared animal . and tobacco Grodzisk feeds products Mazowiecki Manufacture of Manufacture of Nutricia Zakłady Nu food, drinks tricia Poland BV Netherlands Netherlands other food Produkcyjne Sp. z and tobacco products o.o. - Opole products M Philip Morris Polska anufacture of Manufacture of S.A. - Kraków Philip Philip Morris Holland B.V Netherlands Ne food, drinks therlands tobacco Morris International . and tobacco products Service Center products Europe Sp. z o.o. - Manufacture of Manufacture of PortionPack Europe food, drinks HELLMA Polska Sp. Holding B.V. Netherlands Netherlands other food and tobacco z o.o. - Kraków products products Manufacture of Manufacture of Okręgowa Ro food, drinks yal Numico N.V. Netherlands Netherlands other food Spółdzielnia and tobacco products Mleczarska - Łowicz products Manufacture of vegetable and Manufacture of animal oils and food, drinks fats Processing and tobacco and preserving Unilever Polska S.A. products of fish and fish - Warszawa Unilever Manufac
Posted: 26 January 2013

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