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Last updated: 14 Mar 2011

The food industry is one of the strongest of the Polish economy, generating over 3% of Poland’s GDP. The value of production is ranked 6th in the EU.

OPPORTUNITIES IN POLAND?S FOOD & DRINK SECTOR Located at the heart of Europe, ?67 billion Poland is one of the six largest EU member states, with a population of in European Funding 38 million. In recent years Poland has programmes will help maintain been one of the fastest developing countries in the EU. Despite the Poland global economic crisis Poland?s GDP as a market offering growth, grew by 1.7 per cent in 2009, with stability and good prospects 2.6 per cent growth expected by the European Commission in 2010. for UK business. Characteristics of the market: n The food industry is one of the largest and strongest sections of the Polish economy. It generates over three per cent of Poland?s GDP and the value of production is ranked 6th in the EU. There are 18,000 food companies in Poland. The sector currently employs over 550,000 people. n The structure of Polish food retail is varied. Small grocery stores still play an important role, but their number is shrinking. Supermarket and discount chains are expanding. The number of delicatessen-style supermarkets, which offer a large choice of premium products, is steadily increasing. n Polish households still spend around The hypermarket segment is represented 26 per cent of their total expenditure on food, by Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Real and E. which is twice as much as the EU average. Leclerc. Online food shopping is becoming increasingly popular. n Polish consumers with higher levels of disposable income are open to innovative n The value of food retail in Poland has been products. They look for freshness and quality continuously growing over the last four years as well as quick and convenient but healthy 1 and in 2009 was estimated at PLN 225 billion . solutions in attractive packaging. 1 (exchange rate £1 = PLN 4.4). It?s a challenging market? n Local food products are highly competitive n UK brands are largely unknown in the Polish market n Distributors are scarce and they can be selective n Customers focus on value for money ? but promising, with lots of opportunities including? n High quality convenience food (ready meals, pre-cooked, chilled or frozen meals) ? mainly in large cities, where young professionals are the target group, also as an alternative to eating out. Consumption of ready meals is still 4 times lower than in the other EU countries How UKTI Warsaw can help you and there is a limited choice on offer. Poland is rich in opportunities for companies in the food & drink sector, but n Organic food ? expenditure on organic food is research is critical when considering expected to grow significantly over the next new markets. The UKTI Team Warsaw ten years. is here to help. Our OMIS service is designed to assist your company succeed n Functional foods & BFY (Better for You) food in this market. ? consumers are increasingly interested in food which is good for their health. n High quality food ingredients and additives ? To find out how we can help for sale to local food processors. you make the most of these n EU funds ? there are EU funds available for opportunities please contact: Polish-registered food processors under ewa.veenendaal-rawicz@fco.gov.uk at: the Operational Programme Innovative Economy for investments in the latest Commercial Section British Embassy innovative technological solutions, including ul. Kawalerii 12, 00-468 Warszawa technologically advanced equipment, Tel: +48 22 311 0241 machinery and innovative, eco-friendly packaging solutions as well as technologies for extending product shelf-life. www.ukinpoland.fco.gov.uk n Consulting ? building brands, effective brand www.ukti.gov.uk development and rebranding.
Posted: 29 September 2010, last updated 14 March 2011

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