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Last updated: 14 Mar 2011

Saudi Arabia will have to invest about US$ 20 billion in its environmental sector over the next 10 years in order to ensure a safer environment. The potential opportunities are provided here.

Sector briefing Environment Opportunities in Saudi Arabia Why Saudi Arabia? The Saudi Presidency of Meteorology & Environment (PME) now has new environmental legislation, and the Implementation Procedures of this legislation endorsed by the Government. New environmental standards have also been re-written, and the PME is now strictly ensuring implementation of legislation and standards. Environmental Inspectors have been recruited by the PME and Green Police is on its way to be formed. This new legislation, standards and enforcement procedures have now become drivers for improved environmental performance and business in the country. The Government has allocated US$ 300 million for environmental protection and pollution ?According to the World Bank, control in the current budget. In addition, a Saudi Arabia will have to substantial amount of the US$ 3 billion budget for the Ministry of Municipality & Housing has invest about US$ 20 billion in been set aside for the handling, processing, its environmental sector over managing and disposal of solid waste. the next 10 years in order to ensure a safer environment.? Find general information on the Saudi Arabian market conditions on UKTI?s website. The Doing Business Guide for Saudi Arabia gives an overview of Saudi Arabia?s economy, business culture, potential opportunities and an introduction to other relevant issues. UK Trade & Investment Sector briefing: Environment opportunities in Saudi Arabia Government approved the establishment of a Opportunities joint stock company to treat hazardous waste in the country, under the Ministry of Health. The following areas offer potential business opportunities in the sector: Destruction of toxic and isotropic waste produced by factories is problematic. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Government is trying to tackle the negative All new major industrial projects in the impact of industrial waste, especially those Kingdom now require an Environmental Impact containing lead and radium. Random collection Assessment at the planning and feasibility and burning of industrial waste is widespread study stage, without which a license will not be and leads to emission of poisonous gases and issued. air pollutants. Wastewater With over 1,200 factories in the country, and There is severe lack of expertise in the field of little environmental awareness, Saudi Arabia wastewater treatment, which has led to a offers enormous potential business to UK marked increase in water pollution in the companies in this sector. A new Law Kingdom. announced in July 2005 makes it now mandatory for companies executing industrial Wastewater collection and treatment systems and commercial projects to install surveillance exist in only 22 out of 106 Municipal areas, and equipment to monitor pollution. The Law also some major towns and cities have no piped envisages installing surveillance equipment in collection systems as yet. It is estimated that different parts of the country to detect of all the wastewater collected, only one third offenders. is to the tertiary standards required by regulation for reuse. Many of the existing Air Pollution plants are obsolete and need rehabilitation. According to the Municipal and Rural Affairs Ministry, Saudi air pollution is on the increase. A major construction programme of Saudi Aramco, the Saudi oil giant, operates 10 wastewater treatment plants is needed to Air Quality Monitoring and Meteorology increase capacity. A study by the Ministry of Network (AMMNET) stations and 15 Water & Electricity estimates that Saudi Arabia meteorology-only stations throughout the w country. AMMNET stations ensure facilities ill need to invest about US$20 Billion for meet national and company air quality building new sewer networks and about standards for limits of sulphur dioxide, US$17Billion on new waste treatment plants inhalable particulates, ozone, nitrogen oxides, over the next 20 years. carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide, among other pollutants. The PME also has a Waste disposal number of these stations installed at the Studies show that the average weight of country's airports, the industrial cities of Jubail domestic/home solid waste per individual in and Yanbu, and elsewhere. More will be Saudi Arabia is expected to rise to 1.2Kg/day installed soon. by 2010. There is a desperate need in the Kingdom for new technologies and techniques Saudi annual imports of air pollution control for handling this waste. Little or no recycling and monitoring equipment at the moment currently takes place. stands at about U$ 50 Million. Sources expect an average annual growth of 7% in this sector There is also a major requirement for latest brought about primarily by new mega projects incineration technologies. Domestic, industrial, in the petrochemical field, oil and gas, power chemical and hazardous waste is on the generation and water desalination industries. increase in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the Pollutants emitted by thermal power plants in country?s industrialization and urban growth. Saudi Arabia cost the national economy about US$ 2 billion a year. Organic waste represents the highest percentage of domestic municipal waste Expert knowledge ? lack of collected (40%), followed by paper and cartons Local companies lack the know-how in (20%), plastic (15%), metal (7%), glass (5%), specialised areas of pollution control, such as: clothes (4%), and other waste (9%). Saudi ? Environmental monitoring. Arabia generates also about 25,000 tons of ? Environmental analytical services. medical hazardous waste per year. The UK Trade & Investment Sector briefing: Environment opportunities in Saudi Arabia ? Environmental engineering & consultancy. ? Hazardous waste management. ? Site remediation and rehabilitation. Marine Pollution According to a recent independent study, the Arabian Gulf marine pollution constitutes about 30% of the World?s oil pollution. Oil tanker movement is the main cause. Other opportunities Opportunities also exist in ambient surveys, air quality surveys, and emission source testing for gases and particulate. The country also has 9 large cement factories that emit large amounts of dust to the atmosphere. New regulations require these factories to develop electrostatic precipitation techniques to reduce air pollution. Remote controlled monitoring devices, environmental monitoring stations, oil spill cleaning works and environmental laboratories are also in high demand. The Saudi government has also intensified its efforts to increase public awareness and encourage individual and group initiatives to protect the environment. If you have any questions on the opportunities above, contact the UKTI contacts named in this report. Business opportunities aimed specifically at UK companies are added daily to UKTI?s website. These leads are sourced by our staff overseas in British Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates, across all sectors and in over 100 markets. You can be alerted to business opportunities on a regular basis by registering on the UKTI website. Find out more on UKTI?s business opportunities service on the UKTI website UK Trade & Investment Sector briefing: Environment opportunities in Saudi Arabia Major events and activities UKTI contacts Gulf Environment Forum Omar Saeed [www.gulfenvironmentforum.com] Trade & Investment Officer Contact: Mr Alain Marhaic British Consulate-General, Jeddah Email: alain@bme-global.com Tel: 00966 (0) 2 622 5550 ext. 2205 Time: 6-8 March 2011 Email: omar.saeed@fco.gov.uk www.ukti.gov.uk Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition [www.recexpo.com/exhibition] Sharif Moussa Contact: Mr Khalid Daou Trade & Investment Officer Email: esales@recexpo.com British Trade Office, Al-Khobar Time: 17-20 October 2010 Tel: 00966 (0) 3 882 5300 Email: sharif.moussa@fco.gov.uk UKTI Environment/Water Seminar www.ukti.gov.uk Mission to Saudi Arabia [www.uktradeinvest.gov.uk] Saad AlAdhami Contact: Mr Omar Saeed Trade & Investment Officer Email: omar.saeed@fco.gov.uk British Embassy, Riyadh Time: 14-20 January 2011 Tel: 00966 (0) 1 488 0077 Email: saad.aladhami@fco.gov.uk www.ukti.gov.uk Find full details of all events in this country and sector on the UKTI website. New export events are added daily to the site and you can register to be alerted to them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. UKTI?s Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) provides grant support for eligible Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SME's) to attend trade shows overseas. Find out more about UKTI support for attendance at overseas events. UK Trade & Investment Sector briefing: Environment opportunities in Saudi Arabia Next steps - How UKTI can help British companies wishing to develop their business in the Saudi Arabian market are advised to undertake as much market research and planning as possible in the UK. UKTI?s team in Saudi Arabia, with its wide local knowledge and experience, can provide a range of services to British-based companies wishing to grow their business in global markets. This can include: ? Provision of market information ? Validated lists of agents/distributors ? Key market players or potential customers in the Saudi market ? Establishment of interest of such contacts in working with you ? Arranging appointments ? Organise seminars or other events for you to meet contacts and promote your company in the Saudi market This work is available via our Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) a chargeable service which assists British-based companies wishing to enter or expand their business in overseas markets. To find out more about commissioning this work, or accessing other UKTI services and specialist advice, please visit the UKTI website to find contact details for your local UKTI office. Whereas every effort has been made to ensure that the information given in this document is accurate, neither UK Trade & Investment nor its parent Departments (the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office), accept liability for any errors, omissions or misleading statements, and no warranty is given or responsibility accepted as to the standing of any individual, firm, company or other organisation mentioned. Published 2010 by UK Trade & Investment. Crown Copyright © UK Trade & Investment Sector briefing: Environment opportunities in Saudi Arabia
Posted: 29 September 2010, last updated 14 March 2011

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