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Posted on: 31 Aug 2010

The UK has a strong market for healthcare technologies and services.

UK Healthcare IT The UK has a strong market for healthcare technologies and services. Spending on healthcare IT in 2009 was around £2.8 billion and is expected to grow as technology is deployed more widely to reduce costs and improve services. Source: Kable 2009 Telecare/Telemedicine is to connect over 30,000 General Practitioners Although Telehealth and Telemedicine are to almost 300 hospitals in the UK, enabling still in their infancy, the UK is the largest market patients to gain access to their personal health in the EU and one of the largest globally, valued information. The programme also incorporates at over £140 million per annum. Telecare uses a secure national communications spine, digital technology to manage chronic conditions such X-Ray archiving and messaging system. as diabetes and heart disease. With over 17 million people in the UK likely to suffer one Private Healthcare or more chronic conditions by 2051, this is rapidly The private sector is playing an increasing role becoming an interesting market. in healthcare delivery providing services both directly to patients and, on contract, to the NHS. Technology for Healthcare Services These healthcare specialists also need specifi c Key growth areas include increased use of IT related suppliers. outsourcing and shared services, which has seen a move away from in-house software Access to Talent and Technology development towards turnkey applications Over 27% of UK jobs are ICT-related, one of from specialist advisers; summary care records; the highest in the world. A key challenge and mobility enablers such as mPhones; and asset opportunity for the sector is exploiting the rapid and contract management systems. The NHS evolution of technology. The UK, having three outsources ICT contracts worth nearly £1 billion of Europe?s top fi ve Technology Universities and per annum with many large long-term contracts many other world-class Research and Teaching currently in place. There are around 30 shared Universities as well as an extensive industry business services established in the UK, often ecosystem, is well positioned to respond to the referred to as ?Health Informatics Services?. talent and technology challenges. Examples of world-class research strengths include: Whilst there has been minimal progress on information security; intelligence management; green IT in the NHS this is expected to change network security; and search technology. and will focus on ICT waste reduction and energy use. Management of clinical processes, Technology Financing particularly in the acute sector, are areas of The UK venture capital market is the largest in the potential growth as is remote/mobile working EU, accounting for 40% of European fund-raising, and web based applications. and second only to the US globally. The economic impact of the private equity industry is substantial Business Intelligence (BI) Software and is continually growing. Supported at one end The NHS in England is making increasing use by networks of Angel fi nanciers and at the other of BI software to plan services and monitor by Public Markets, raising fi nance to support quality. It has enormous potential to help robust business propositions is rarely an issue. align the provision of services. In addition, a large amount of Government National Programme for IT (NPfIT) R&D spending is focused on ICT research and Connecting for Health, the £multi-billion 10 year Knowledge Transfer Networks help to stimulate programme, is now beginning to deliver savings collaborative R&D between academia and and improved services. The aim of the programme industry in UK and internationally. ? I was aware that there were organisations in the UK with the capabilities we were looking for. Technology was the critical factor in our partnership search.? Shira Yair Head of General Manager ProtAb Published Month Date by UK Trade & Investment For further information please visit Crown Copyright URN 10/892 Image: Healthcare IT2
Posted: 31 August 2010

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