The Carnet Application Checklist

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Last updated: 20 Oct 2011

Information needed prior to completing the online application

Application Checklist ? Prior to logging in to Carnets-By-Internet , prepare the following information to complete your application. ? Purpose for which your merchandise or equipment is being temporarily imported to another country(ies). ? EIN or Taxpayer Identification Number. ? Name(s) of individual(s) responsible for carnet documents while en route. These are the "Authorized Representatives" and would include any persons or entities that would be presenting your Carnet to customs. ? List of destination countries. ? List of countries the goods will be transiting. That is, countries that are being passed through en route to a destination. ? Outbound and inbound anticipated modes of transportation. ? Complete the list of merchandise or equipment that will be traveling (including model and serial numbers if applicable). List should include detailed description including model and serial numbers, quantity, value, weight and country of origin. Note: If you have the list of items in an electronic record (Excel or database) call for details on how we can import your list of items saving you all the re-entry time. ? Desired date of delivery of your Carnet document. ? Visa, American Express or MasterCard number and expiration date unless you are going to pay by ACH or wire transfer. You will not be billed until the carnet is issued however. The application does not review fees. For an estimate of carnet cost see the Carnet Budget Worksheet. ? Temporary Transit and Storage insurance information also known as cargo or marine insurance: Name of insurance company, expiration date of policy, policy limit. (If this is unavailable you may bypass this step and provide evidence of insurance at a later date. Evidence of insurance is a requirement of the international ATA Carnet Convention. If you do not have this international coverage we can provide it for you.) ? Login and get instructions for completing the application. To get a Login ID ? and password prior to starting your application, call the CIB Carnet HelpLine at (800) 282-2900.
Posted: 20 October 2011, last updated 20 October 2011

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