The ATA Carnet Budget Worksheet

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Last updated: 20 Oct 2011

Carnet Budget Worksheet - an estimate of costs

(800) ATA-2900 3/22/2011 ATA Carnet Budget Worksheet Example Cost Your Example ATA Carnet Costs How Cost is Calculated What is the value of the shipment? Under A shipment valued at $10,000=$215, $10,000-49,999=$245, $50,000- $5,000 with 3 items, 2 ATA Carnet Basic Processing Fee 249,999=$305, $250,000 & over=$355 countries and 1 export. $215 $ If you will import or transit and reexport more Add'l Certificate Sets: Counterfoils and than 4 times add'l sets will be needed. 4 sets No additional sets Vouchers included. Additional sets $15 each. needed. $0 $ TYPICAL EXAMPLE: Estimate 40% of the $5,000 x 0.40=$2000, 2 Carnet Bond Fees: These rates can vary. value of the equipment. Multiply 40% of the x $10 = $20, Subject to a Please call. value times $10.00 per thousand. $100 minimum premium. $100 $ ATA Carnet Document Warranty: LSD/RF $15.00 per carnet for $600 of coverage in case 1 carnet valid for 2 (Optional but recommended.) the carnet is lost, stolen or destroyed. countries. $15 $ Insurance for goods or equipment in transit FOR EXAMPLE ONLY: 1.5%-3% depending 2 countries = 5,000 x (Optional but often necessary): These rates on # of countries visited. $250 minimum 0.01=$50 (optional $150 can vary. Please call. premium. minimum premium) $250 $ Overnight Delivery Charges $75-$150 per shipment $75 estimate $75 $ CIB can import and format your list of merchandise or equipment into the carnet General List. $45-$200 depending on format QuickList Service (Optional) and length of General List source data. Not needed for 3 items. $0 $ Shipper's Export Declaration $25 per US export shipment. Optional $0 $ Expedited Service Fee for overnight service after 4pm CT deadline $200 per carnet Usually not necessary. $0 $ $8.00 per sheet (A General List sheet contains a General List Continuation Sheets maximum of 50 lines of data.) Not needed for 3 items. $0 $ Total Estimate for Budgeting $655 $ Disclaimer: All costs are estimates and are based on pricing effective 7/01/2010. Use this worksheet as a guideline only. Actual costs will be calculated after the application has been submitted. Copyright 2011.
Posted: 20 October 2011, last updated 20 October 2011

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