2012 hotsale cigaretee harm reduction card

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Posted on: 14 Jul 2012

reduce 40-60% toxin substance in cigarette accept customarized design Patent, CE ROHS

The detailed description of the cigarette harm reduction card Brief Introduction of Product Cigarette harm reduction card as unique goods from the far infrared powder, magnetic powder, hemoglobin powder, anion exchange resine,,diethyl carbonate, fat and other 13 kinds of polymer composites from refined,purigied polymer HDNA factor of nits resonance absorption heat the release of far infrared and microwave absorbing function, can strongly penetrate the tobacoo,to change the molecular structure of tobacco to nicotine,tar,formaldehyde,hydrogen cyanide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(carcinogenic substances )and other harmful substances in the combustions the formation of crystals, retained ash, thus achieve the purpose of reducing tar harm reduction It was determined that ,this card is inserted cigarette 20minutes after the nicotine in cigarettes, tar can be greatly reuced,if the insertion time increases, the nicotine to, tar and other harmful substances content continued to decline ,vey little left, after the aroma of cigarettes less harmful than full, original flavor remains unchanged ,less irritating, pungent sense of barbed hose away, to protect the health of smokers and the surrounding crowd [Scientific Principle] This product changes the molecular structure in cigarettes through the chemical reaction in the burning process, making nicotine and smoke tar form crystals which combine with the cigarette ash, and in doing so, reduce the tar and the harm caused by cigarette smoking. [Usage] Insert the cigarette harm reduction card into a cigarette case, and absorb it after 30 minutes. The cigarette card can be put in its case all the time. When changing a cigarette, put it into a new cigarette case, without any effects of harm reduction. [Production Date] 2012/01/09 [Effective Period] 3 Months from the opening of the package [Expiry Date] 2017/01/09. Store the card in a dry place away from sun and lights. Made in China Name :Cigarette harm reduction card Unit: Piece Materials: 13 non-toxic macromolecules Patent No.:03135683.4 Specification : L8.4cm*W5.1cm*H0.1cm Product categories French card ,English card ,: Yugoslavian card, Greece card Function: Put the card in the cigarette package about 20 minutes ,can reduce the nicotine and tar The usage Comparison The Comparison of cigarette harm reducing The eyes feeling The non-harm reduced cigarette has a very strong acrid and stimulating feeling; the test harm-reduced almost has no any feeling. The taste The taste of harm-reduced cigarette is much more mild and gentle than the non-harm reduced feeling test cigarette。 Either of the two methods can distinguish the true from the false
Posted: 14 July 2012

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