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Last updated: 29 Mar 2012

A Q&A article about how a Lost Stolen or Destroyed Carnet Document Warranty can help carnet users recover their carnet.

D OG A TE Y OUR C ARNET? D ON? T W ORRY. W E ? VE G OT Y OU C OVERED. CIB Carnet Specialists open their e-mail daily to desperate messages from clients who can?t locate a carnet. Here is their version of ?Ask Ann Landers©? called ?Ask Trax, the Carnet Bloodhound®.? Ask Trax, the Carnet Bloodhound® Dear Trax, Please HELP and ADVISE! I am the requestor for this particular Carnet in mention. I sent my submission through the Online application process and the Goods were shipped to China followed with the Carnet back in October 2011. The Carnet does not expire until 10/1/12, but my dilemma is that the Carnet has been misplaced. I DO have a copy of this Carnet. The goods are ready to be returned to the US, but what do I need to do in this situation where there is no Carnet for the return. Please advise. Thank you, Rachel Dear Rachel: I understand your concern and believe you already have the solution. I researched your carnet application records and found that you purchased a Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Carnet Document Warranty (LSDR) at the time you applied. I will duplicate your lost carnet and send it to the location of your choice via overnight courier. Simply e-mail me the address and it will be there tomorrow so the goods can be shipped back to the US. Sincerely, Trax Sometimes the tone of the client?s e-mail message is a bit less frantic but the problem remains the same: Dear Trax: Please advise the process by which we can replicate lost Carnet documents. We are attempting to assist a Dutch client who entered his bicycle for exhibition under a Carnet, and the freight forwarder we were using to affect the re-export has now lost the carnet, but the freight is still intact. Please advise best number and time to call. We open our office at 7:00 AM MST, in Albuquerque. Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards, Jon Dear Jon: Thanks for your message. The good news is that the freight is still intact. It?s much easier to duplicate a carnet to avoid a claim than it is to ?duplicate? missing goods! I?ll express a duplicate carnet to the location of your choice as soon as you provide the address. You have a warranty on the ATA Carnet so there will be no charge for this service. Sincerely, Trax Others assume they will have to pay the extra cost to get the carnet to the specified destination: Hello Trax: The above Carnet has been destroyed accidentally in Germany. This freight arrived Germany and is ready to be returned to the USA but cannot be sent back due to the fact that the carnet was damaged too badly. Please can you send the Carnet to us at the address below? Our FedEx account # is 9999999. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Kathy Dear Kathy: I have sent a duplicate carnet to Germany as requested. FYI, you have LSDR warranties on all your carnets so there is no charge for this service. The shipping is included as part of the service so I did not bill your FedEx account. Sincerely, Trax Carnet Holders with shipments stuck in Customs overseas and with deadlines to meet can be facing lost customers, failed sales presentations and the loss of the cost of shipping the goods. Greetings Trax: Our courier service claims the original Carnet documents for this shipment bound for Japan have been stolen. Now my shipment is stuck in Tokyo Customs in Japan. This is bound for our office in Japan. Can you please send the duplicate Carnet Priority Overnight on our FedEx Account # 2222222? Please forward a Tracking number to ? Thanks, Hiroko Dear Valued Carnet Client: I will get the duplicate carnet to Tokyo customs as soon as possible. The cost for the Priority Overnight Courier and the duplicate carnet are covered by your document warranty so don?t worry about the cost. In the meantime I took the liberty of contacting the customs authorities in Tokyo to make sure they understand that the documentation will be there ASAP. Sincerely, Trax And then there are those who resort to the equivalent of electronic genuflection to solve the problem of the missing carnets: Hi Trax, I need some advice from you, the grand wizard of carnets!!!! We have 2 carnets that we cannot locate. They are both due to expire on 12/3/04. We received the units that were on these carnets awhile ago and they are now at another customer site. I called the other carnet office, since the carnets were issued from there and they told me I would need to order replacement carnets for full cost (around $250 each) and then once I get them, take the carnets and units to customs in Newark and have them stamped. Do we really need to spend $500 on replacements for these or is there another way we can go about this? Have a Nice Day Mary Dear Mary, It?s great to hear from you but I am concerned about your dilemma. Unfortunately I cannot duplicate your missing carnets since they didn?t originate in our office. You will have to go back to the original carnet Service Provider. And to add make matters worse I?m afraid that they may not be able to duplicate your carnets without charging you for the processing fees as well as the shipping charges. I?m sorry but even the wizard can?t help you this time! Sadly, Trax Specs on LSDR Warranties: LSDR provides for replacement and transportation of a carnet (up to a limit of $600). ? LSDR protects your budget by avoiding processing fees and transportation costs when a duplicate set of carnet documents is needed. LSDR saves expense of Regularization Fees resulting from carnet documents not being properly validated upon exit from a carnet country. The cost for an LSDR Warranty is $15.00/carnet. (Subject to change.) ? The coverage can be purchased at the time you apply for a carnet. LSDR Warranties provide an intangible benefit for vendor relations and intracompany transactions. ? LSDR eliminates "finger-pointing", damaged vendor relations and lost time when carnet documents have passed through several hands while in transit and then can't be located. ? With LSDR you can avoid having to get additional approvals and authorizations from within your company in the event carnet documents need to be duplicated. Getting a duplicate carnet is a simple request to CIB with no additional charges. For those who like to live dangerously, the cost to provide a duplicate carnet without LSDR is the Basic Processing Fee plus Expedite Fee plus shipping costs. Unfortunately poor Mary in our real life e-mail didn?t have the benefit of LSDR coverage. Even Trax the ?wizard? couldn?t save her!
Posted: 29 March 2012, last updated 29 March 2012

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