Reaching the Consumer in the Philippines

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Take-away or cooked foodstuffs.
Consumer Behavior
The Filipino consumer does not like ostentatious expenditure, gives priority to his family life, and is rather conformist and spontaneous.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
Giving precedence to spending for oneself over the family is still seen as bad taste. The Filipino consumer devotes a major part of his purchasing power to primary expenditure.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
It is common to have recourse to credit, and the rates of risk credit are among the highest in Asia.
Consumers Associations
CUP , Consumer Union of the Philippines

Media in Which to Advertise

Television allows almost 45% of households to be reached.

Main Televisions
The written press, which includes ten or more dailies, almost twenty national tabloids, more than one hundred provincial newspapers and more than one hundred magazines and publications covering a wide range of subjects, is a very effective support for advertising.

Main Newspapers
Business World
Daily Tribune
Manila Bulletin
Manila Standard
Manila Times
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Philippine Star
Philippines Today
Pinoy Weekly
Direct advertising by post is effective if the recipients are correctly targeted and if the products appear to be easily available.
In Transportation Venues
Advertising on billboards, streamers and stickers on buses are an effective way to reach a large part of the population.

Market Leaders:
Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines
As the most accessible media, radio allows more than 80% of households to be reached and is very effective.

Main Radios
Philippines FM
Radio Philippines
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
As the use of Internet is not widespread, this media can only reach a limited part of the population.

Market Leaders:
Ads Online Pro
Main Advertising Agencies
Mc Cann Erickson Philippines
Ogilvy and Mather Philippines
TBWA Santiago-Mangada-Puno
BBDO Guerrero Ortega
Ace Saatchi & Saatchi

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

"Consume with moderation" must be written on it.
Advertising must not suggest that smoking is essential to success or social acceptance, that it is a sign of maturity specific to adults, or that not smoking is a sign of weakness.

The act of smoking, or having a cigarette in one's mouth, must not be shown. Advertising must not promote an excess of cigarettes, nor suggest that cigarettes have therapeutic, sedative, tranquillising or stimulating effects or that they favor sex-appeal. Advertising must not target minors, and the models/actors must not be or appear to be minors or be associated with them.

The risks linked to tobacco must be stated.

Advertising for medicines is regulated and provides for restrictions on many products.
Other Rules
Direct comparison is prohibited; children must not be encouraged to adopt anti-social or improper behavior.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
English (and Filipino for some products such as pesticides, fertilizers...)
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Advertising Board of the Philippines

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