Dining in the Philippines

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Restaurants
Traditional restaurants
  • Cheap restaurants
Typical restaurants serving meals in banana leaves
  • turo-turo
Self-service restaurants
Rules For Eating Out
You usually leave a tip corresponding to 10% of the bill, unless service is included.

Price Indications

Economy Meal Less than 350 PHP
Medium Price Meal From 350 to 1 050 PHP
Good Quality Meal More than 1 050 PHP
Food Specialties
Kare-kare: ox tail stew, served with spicy hot peanut and bagoong sauce. (Bagoong is a sort of nuoc mâm, a salty sauce made from fermented fish and crab.)
Sinigang: meat or fish broth. Adobo: spicy meat stew. Lechon: roasted sucking pig, prepared for high days and holidays. 
Buko (juice of a young coconut which one drinks straight from the shell), and juice of calamansi (lime). Among alcoholic beverages, San Miguel beer is known as one of the world's best beers; also one finds sugar cane red wine, rice wine and coconut wine.
Dietary Restrictions
They vary according to the religion. In the southern part of the island, the Muslim minority consumes neither alcohol nor pork.
Table Manners
The Filipinos usually eat with a fork in their left hand and a spoon in their right hand.

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