Industrial Standards in Poland

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National Standards Organizations
Polish Standardization Committee
Integration in the International Standards Network
Poland has developed a widespread system of standards and certifications of its own, not always harmonized with international standards. It is a member of different international standards organizations: ISO, IEC, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI. It also cooperates with other international organizations for the harmonization of standards and certifications, such as UN/ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), WTO/TBT (WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade).
Obligation to Use Standards
Many standards concerning goods are obligatory and must be verified by a certified Polish control agency. The safety certificate "B" has been necessary since 1994 for imported goods and Polish products. Poland does not necessarily accept the "CE" mark of the EU or other international standards. Test procedures may be long and costly (sometimes more than 3 months). For the building industry some products must be specifically certified. The organization in charge of testing is the Institute for Building Technologies ( Instytutu Techniki Budowlanej).
Classification of Standards
Concerning marketing, in Poland, products subject to the field of application of New Approach European directives: since 1 May 2004 they must carry the "CE" mark. For further information about CE marking, please consult the information on EC marking.
Assessment of the System of Standardization
In Poland, people do not bother very much yet about observing norms or standards, so their presence has little influence on the volume of sales. Poland has developed its own system of standards and certifications and many of them are obligatory, so it can be difficult to implement them.
Online Consultation of Standards
Catalog of Polish Standards
Certification Organizations
Polish Center for Analysis and Certification
Polish Center for Accreditation

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