Expatriate Community in Poland

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Communities of Expatriates

The Number of Expatriates
471 000 people declared they had another nationality than Polish at the last census (2002).
Blogs For Expats
Portal for foreigners
Expats in Poland
Polonica Cafe
List of links to blogs about Poland
For Further Information
Official Polish website
Immigration Authority
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office for Foreigners
Transportation Companies For Moving/Removals

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Ranking of Cities

Cost of Living
The cost of living in Poland is much lower in comparison with other member States of the EU. The Economist Intelligence Unit has established that the cost of living in Warsaw represented respectively 76%, 68%, 65% and 59% of a similar cost in Berlin, Vienna, Washington, and London or Oslo. For further information, see the website of the Polish Agency for information and foreign investment.
Quality of Life
The dynamic development and profound changes of the last few years have made Poland a modern country where living standards are comparable with those in Western European countries. You can enjoy very good food and drink, night life, concerts, films, theaters and museums.
Sanitary Conditions
Sanitary conditions in Poland are reasonably acceptable. The tap water is safe to drink, even though many tourists opt for bottled water. Polish pharmacies offer all types of medicines.
For Further Information
The ranking of the most expensive cities in the world.
The ranking of cities in the world where the quality of life is best.
International Living

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Renting an Apartment

Description of Apartments
You can rent all sorts of apartments and houses, from small student rooms to apartments and houses for large families. Adverts specify: the rent by m2, the number of bedrooms, the general condition of the premises, date of construction, type of building, building materials used. Avoid buildings built with "rama H". Furnished apartments are also available with the keyword "umeblowane".
Normal Lease Term
Conditions can change from one person/agency to another. You should check, case by case.
Rental Costs
A deposit (given back when you leave the apartment) equal to1 or 2 months' rent is often required. At the beginning of the rental period, a third party is often required to stand guarantor.
Agencies or Private Rentals
Going through a rental agency may be more convenient; but the fees are often sizeable (once or twice the monthly rent).
Renting directly from an individual is less expensive, but value for money often varies from one apartment to another.
On specialized sites, private adverts are often mixed up with agency adverts.
Rental Agency Websites
Mam Dom
Gratka (interface in Polish)
Century 21
Gazeta Wyborcza - Dom (in Polish)
List of real estate agencies, sorted by region (in Polish)
Domiporta (in Polish)
Apartment in Poland
Other Possibilities For Accommodation
In the centers of large towns, where rents are soaring, flat sharing is more and more common. You can also find rooms with local people, or accommodation of apartment-hotel type.

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School System

School Level
It breaks down into 5 levels of teaching: nursery school from age 3; elementary school from age 6 (5 years); middle school (4 years); high school leading to the baccalaureate (3years); then higher education (2 to 8 years).
International Schools
Poland is well-equiped to welcome foreign students. In 1990 already, there were already international schools in Poland. Classes are given in different languages such as English, German, French and many others. International schools in Poland offer good quality education and experienced teachers.
For a list of international schools, see the website of the Polish Agency for information and foreign investment.
For Further Information
Ministry of Education
Study Abroad
Study Abroad - Krakow

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Health System

Quality of Healthcare
The economic transformations in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, have been devastating for health systems. Hospitals and clinics are often under-equipped and lack personnel. From this point of view, specialized medical treatments suffer much more from the situation than routine treatments.
International Hospitals
The US embassy in Poland's list of health services.
Health Insurance
The health system in Poland is based on a general system of health insurance.
Accessibility of the Health Insurance Network to Foreigners
Public health in Poland is accessible to foreigners who contribute to the Social Security system through deductions on their salaries. Of course, you must have a work permit to be eligible. And unfortunately, eligibility does not necessarily mean the same type of treatment as in other Western European countries.
For further information, visit the National Health Fund website
Health System Insurance Body
Health Insurance
National Health Fund
Health Ministry
Ministry of Health

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