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Main Useful Means of Transport
Poland's main ports are Gdansk and Szeczin-Swinoujscie. They have been considerably improved over the last few years with a view to European integration. In 2003, 51 052 000 tonnes of maritime freight transited via Poland.

Goods freight by road represented 74.4 billion tonnes-kms in 2001.

The Polish rail network is the third-best rail network in Europe for its infrastructures, the second for the volume of goods transported, and is the leading employer in Poland. International lines (Intercity) give excellent service but the regional lines remain poor. Modernization is essential as regards signals and rolling stock, for about 40% of goods traffic is carried out by rail (in 2003, 47 400 million tonnes-km of freight were carried by this means of transport).

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By Air

Polish Airports
Transport Professionals
AT Makro Service
Government Transport Organizations
Ministry of Infrastructure
Civil aviation transport office

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By Rail

Transport Professionals
Polish Railway Company
Rail and Sea logistics
Railway Business Forum
Government Transport Organizations
Ministry of transport
Rail transport office

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